Drive tests maintain their value in telecom network performance evaluation, and the race to 5G is increasing the importance to understand competition and ensure constant high quality of service experience.

Omnitele’s 5G Drive Testing and especially 5G Benchmarking are attractive new market propositions to gain insight into competitors and industry best practices. By applying modern data science, we are better able to identify root causes behind issues in the network and provide recommendations on the solutions to fix the issues

  • Drive tests are typically conducted either in selected areas of investigation, or on the entire network level including identifying areas with e.g. low connectivity, low throughputs or hand-over issues for voice or data
  • Benchmarking reveals areas where there is a competitive advantage or where action is needed to provide competitive service quality. Benchmarking expands on the drive testing data and provides comparisons to immediate competitor performance as well as to our global industry best performance practices
  • The resulting Root cause analysis dives deeper into the measurement data and quantifies the performance gaps as well as identifies a set of concrete and prioritized improvement actions

Why are customers choosing Omnitele as the performance improvement partner?

Omnitele also designs and optimises RAN networks for customers as a managed service and has in-depth knowledge of the various vendor solutions. From network design to specific parameter-settings we understand how to maximize value for our operator and regulator customers with independent multivendor knowledge.

Regular benchmarks increasing

Omnitele is appreciated for its flexibility in execution and consistent high-quality deliverables.  Many of our long-term customers have chosen to repeat benchmarks 1- 4 times per year to reliably assess their network and competition development trends.

Root cause analysis reveals the improvement opportunities

Omnitele’s root cause analysis highlights the main RAN inefficiencies behind the performance gaps between all operators and quantifies how much they contribute to both local and overall benchmark result. The provided concrete cell level recommendations help an operator to tackle the issues and improve the network performance and end user experience.

Benchmarks are a useful marketing tool

Well-executed benchmarks result in a wide diversity of outcomes. We also understand the marketing value of positive messages about network strengths discovered, like high data throughput rates compared to competitors, and our independent benchmark results have often been published in support of marketing.

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