Mobile data quality survey

DNA Plc contracted Omnitele to measure the quality of mobile data service in 10 largest cities in Finland (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Oulu, Turku, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Lahti and Pori). The drive test measurements were carried out in December 2023 and covered the city areas extensively.

The quality of experience of the mobile data user is impacted by several factors, including e.g. mobile network performance, terminal and subscription type. In addition, the service the mobile user is using has an impact on the quality of experience, as different services have different kinds of requirements when it comes to data rates and latency.

However, data rates (DL, UL) and latency can be considered as main contributors for the mobile data performance. In this study three different KPIs were analysed:

Download data rate over 100 Mbps

What is the portion of download data rate over 100 Mbps

Upload data rate over 10 Mbps

What is the portion of upload data rate over 10 Mbps


Median Ping Round Trip Time (RTT)


Main Results

The results indicate that the mobile data performance of all operators was at an excellent level in the measured areas. Considering the most typical use cases, such as web browsing, video streaming and remote work and meetings, the measured data rates and latency enable excellent mobile data service experience with all three service providers.

The average DL data rate of DNA subscription was over 650 Mbps, while download data rate over 100 Mbps portion was almost 96%. In different cities the download data rate over 100 Mbps portion varied between 93% and 98% for DNA.

The average upload data rate in measured cities for DNA subscription was 90 Mbps and upload data rate over 10 Mbps was achieved 97% of the time. The results varied between cities from 94% to almost 100%.

The median latency (RTT) for DNA subscription was 19 ms overall. The shortest median latency was achieved in Helsinki, 13 ms, and the longest in Oulu, 33 ms.

Full report available in Finnish here.

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