Several operator groups are selecting Omnitele as their mobile network benchmarking partner, when they are looking for an independent, reliable and flexible 3rd party to systematically measure and analyse their RAN network performance and end-user perceived Quality of Service, and to provide transparent recommendations for its improvements. Below is described one typical customer case for the benchmark co-operation. We have been seeing the growing demand for benchmark project during the past couple of years.


Omnitele had been establishing its reputation as a trusted benchmarking partner in several local markets of a progressive European telecom operator group.  Whether it was about performance verification of new services or regular benchmarking for RAN performance. The recommendations from satisfied local market companies led into possibility for Omnitele to expand its benchmarking operations to new markets, and ultimately it became mutually beneficial to develop a longer-term way of working for this collaboration.


Omnitele’s proprietary benchmarking measurement method gave transparent and independent analyses both on the local market and group levels. Supported by root cause analysis it immediately also resolved into some quick fixes as well as provided scalable perspective on network performance commonalities and differences. Since the beginning it has been important to flexibly absorb the local special requirements to the measurements and to tailor the methodology according to customer needs, and the depth of the given recommendations has also both deepened and widened over the years.


For years the customers have now been delivered with comparable, systematic and transparent analysis of their RAN performance cost-efficiently and without the need for a time consuming RFQ processes, since there is the frame agreement in place between the operator group and Omnitele.  In addition to thorough benchmarking, Omnitele is now also widely known in the group about the quality of the provided troubleshooting and root cause analysis with detailed improvement recommendations increasingly assisted by modern data science. Thanks to the systematic collaboration, several local operators have been improving their network Quality of Service putting them also measurably ahead of the competition. With the evolution of new technologies, the collaboration is evolving towards 5G networks benchmarking and increasing utilisation of advanced predictive RAN diagnostics which is taking the benchmarking to the next level.

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