Benchmarking Mobile Data Transfer Speeds

DNA Plc contracted Omnitele to measure and compare the data speeds offered by Finnish mobile service providers DNAElisa and Telia in the Helsinki Metro system. The benchmark focused on the download and upload data transfer speeds available with each service provider’s highest level data plans (unlimited data volumes, highest data rate) targeted to the consumer segment. The measurements were carried out in December 2019 covering the entire metro route between Matinkylä – Mellunmäki – Vuosaari.

Main Results

Data speeds achieved by all operators were at an excellent level, thanks to the high availability of LTE-A networks with the latest advanced features (e.g. Carrier Aggregation, higher-order modulations). Considering the most typical use cases such as web browsing and video streaming, the measured data rates enable excellent mobile service experience with all measured service providers in the metro. 

The highest average download data transfer speed was measured with DNA (115 Mbps) subscription. Elisa (72 Mbps) and Telia (68 Mbps) results were rather close to each other. The upload average data transfer speeds were 16 Mbps for DNA, 15 Mbps for Elisa and 11 Mbps for Telia subscription.

Average download speeds [Mbps] in Helsinki Metro system 2019

The full report available in Finnish.

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