In addition to Omnitele's PRIMEA Investment Optimisation solution, which has successfully offered precise predictive analytics-based network design, capacity planning, and capital expenditure optimisation considering various traffic growth, investment, and network expansion scenarios, we are pleased to introduce Omnitele PRIMEA RAN Diagnostics. PRIMEA RAN Diagnostics addresses issues like network performance lagging behind targets or competitors, consistent poor data experiences in specific network locations, constrained investment budgets leading to declining quality, unexplained drops in user experiences, and uncertainty about the success of capacity rollouts.

PRIMEA RAN Diagnostics quantifies RAN design inefficiencies, details root causes of substandard performance, assesses capex-free improvement potential, identifies the causes of user experience drops, and verifies the impact of capacity rollouts.

Omnitele PRIMEA RAN Diagnostics offers valuable insights into your current RAN network status, pinpointing the root causes of performance issues. It provides a detailed and prioritised list of optimisation areas where improvement of customer experience would be crucial, while seamlessly integrating with existing optimisation and configuration management tools for the implementation of these identified improvements. Implementing PRIMEA RAN Diagnostics has demonstrated a substantial 10-30% improvement in customer experience without requiring additional investments.

To summarise, PRIMEA RAN Diagnostics offers several advantages:

It offers a comprehensive assessment of the LTE and 5G RAN design's integrity, encompassing spectrum efficiency, radio signal quality, and its capability to efficiently handle traffic demand. 

It conducts an in-depth analysis of the underlying root-causes within the RAN design that adversely affect network performance. This includes aspects such as spectrum deployment and utilisation, network configuration and topology, efficiency in managing traffic, and the distribution of traffic in both spatia land temporal dimensions. 

It provides an exhaustive and precise quantification of how identified root causes impact network quality and customer experience, unveiling the full potential for optimising the RAN network. Consequently, it delivers a network optimisation strategy that precisely outlines the areas and priorities for improvement actions. 

It enables the examination of regional disparities in network performance, facilitate strend analysis of network performance over time, and enables the benchmarking of LTE and 5G network performance against industry best practises. In each case, it illustrates performance gaps and their underlying causes. 

It's easy to apply, utilising existing PM data uploaded to the PRIMEA server to generateconclusive reports and prioritise optimisations plans. Moreover, it seamlessly complements Omnitele's consultancy services.


Operators use a variety of tools and platforms to support their network processes, including Customer Experience Management, Performance Management, Service Assurance, Self-Organising Networks (SON), predictive network management, and zero-touch operation. PRIMEA RAN Diagnostics and Investment Optimisation complement these planning, optimisation, and configuration management tools. It's important to emphasise that PRIMEA doesn't replace these platforms but enhances their benefits within the operator's toolkit.

PRIMEA RAN Diagnostics identifies and prioritises network areas in need of optimisation and outlines the resulting performance improvements. The optimisation plan generated is then integrated into existing planning and optimisation platforms, which execute the recommended optimisation actions.

If you're interested in learning more about PRIMEA RAN Diagnostics and exploring its advantages for your operations, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. We'd be delighted to have a discussion with you, with no obligations on your part.

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