As customers are demanding higher data speeds, better coverage, higher quality, and more capacity, operators are facing difficult decisions on how to respond to the demand: Should they invest in 5Gonly, should they take advantage of all the available spectrum that is still left with 4G, or maybe a combination of both?

In order to make sound investment decisions, an operator needs to understand which one of the available technology solutions provides the best long-term efficiency for delivering the targeted user experience. Different technologies and frequency bands will have different impact on the future user experience in different parts of the network, as well as have different cost to deploy and operate. To untangle this complexity, Omnitele has developed an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based solution that can accurately model the most effective the RAN technology rollout strategy, answering exactly what to build, where to build, and when to build.

Omnitele PRIMEA predicts the future user experience with the forecasted traffic and terminal development, and further predicts how the alternative technology deployments will impact on the sector level user experience at a selected future point of time. Omnitele PRIMEA then prioritises the sector specific technology and spectrum expansions by their cost effectiveness to improve the overall user experience in the network.  In short, Omnitele PRIMEA RAN investment optimisation identifies the most economical approach for delivering the desired customer experience, or alternatively maximises the customer experience for a given level of investment.

Omnitele PRIMEA Investment Optimisation dashboard

Some of key questions from operators that we have helped to answer with Omnitele PRIMEA include:

·        How much and where to rollout 5G year-on-year, in order to maximise the technology benefits but at the same time to avoid over investments due to immature 5G          terminal take-up?

·       To what extent and where would LTE expansion provide the best long-term efficiency, or should the investments already be geared towards to 5G?

·       Is further LTE re-farming still plausible and where, without jeopardizing the remaining 3G users experience?

·       How much should I budget for the coming years’ LTE& 5G investments to sustain the current user experience levels?   

Example showing 5G and 4G expansions

To learn more about Omnitele PRIMEA for RAN Investment Optimisation, please click here.

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