Omnitele has combined deep telecom expertise with modern data science and has since supported dozens of operators to reach the maximal efficiency in their radio networks. Omnitele RAN Design Diagnostics quantifies the full potential of RAN by improving:  

  • Quality: 10-20% Quality Improvement Capex free
  • Cost saving: 20-30% Capex saving in RAN investments
  • Strategy: Optimised & future proof LTE-5G strategy

RAN Design Diagnostics is characterised by:

  • Quick execution, fully remotely
  • Based on existing network data
  • Delivering a concrete action plan  

You may download a full RAN Design Diagnostic description here, and the operator success case here for which all improvement opportunities are broken down to concrete RAN actions on cell level.

Identify Capex free potential to mitigate RAN design gaps

The maximal achievable Quality of Service level in a mobile network is determined by RAN design constraints, like applied spectrum, topology and parameterisation. This maximal QoS level is typically not achieved due to shortfalls in specific RAN design levers.   

Omnitele RAN Design Diagnostics quantifies this QoS gap between the current and the maximally achievable QoS level. It furthermore indicates the potential contribution of individual RAN design levers to close this gap.  

Instead of committing to large scale RAN investments, Omnitele RAN Diagnostics identifies the potential that existing RAN assets provide to reach the maximum achievable performance & customer experience. The improvement achieved from Capex-free RAN design optimisation is comparable to the improvement resulting from tens of millions of additional RAN Capex.  

QoS improvement potential from LTE & 5G expansions

In addition, Omnitele RAN Diagnostics identifies which smart investments can be made to even further increase the QoS level by indicating sector specific investment actions prioritised according to the ratio of their contribution to QoS versus the incurred investment.  

As deployment of 5G spectrum and technology may be selected as one of the design levers in the RAN enhancement portfolio, Omnitele RAN Diagnostics may also be applied to identify the impact of 5G deployment on network QoS and as a first step towards 5G transformation.

Current RAN gaps

Diagnostics typically reveals a 30-50% gap to the maximum achievable performance, as a result of RAN limitations

  • Spectrum licenses are not in full use
  • Site density is not always sufficient for the local traffic demand
  • RF design in not fully optimised
  • Advanced features and antenna solutions are not fully deployed
  • Parameters are not always optimised for maximal performance

Capex-free potential

Diagnostics typically reveals a 10-20% quality improvement potential when applying Capex-free RAN optimisation

  • RF design should provde better coverage & quality in many locations
  • Traffic steering optimisation can notably improve customer exprience
  • Parameter optimisation can improve the spectral efficieny and performance
  • Carrier aggregation optimisation can provide better spectrum utilisation

Capex optimisation

An additional 20-30% Capex savings can be achieved with additional RAN investments, whilst making sure quality targets are met

  • LTE & 5G bands are deployed where they have the highest quality & QoE impact
  • 3G spectrum is refarmed to LTE when no risk for quality degradation
  • New sites are implemented where they are critical for quality improvement
  • Features and antenna solutions are deployed when proven effective

You may download a full RAN Design Diagnostic presentation here  and operator success case on maximising their RAN performance here.

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