As an operator one of your key priorities is to ensure that your customers have a good customer experience when using the data services on your network. But can you ensure that the good customer experience continues as the data traffic increases? Moreover, is there still un-tapped potential available in your present network assets? If not, then how big investment is required for additional network expansions to meet future network capacity demands? When, where, and what additional resources need to be deployed in your network to maintain the customer experience?

To help you answer these questions Omnitele has developed Omnitele PRIMEA solution family. Omnitele PRIMEA combines modern data science with deep telecom expertise to help you to maximise customer experience with the existing network assets as well as to perfect the cost effectiveness of the future 4G and 5G network expansions.

With the help of Omnitele PRIMEA our customers have achieved 10-30%increase in customer experience levels without additional RAN investments, or alternatively 20-30% annual Capex savings in 4G and 5G expansions while sustaining the user experience targets.

Omnitele PRIMEA’s philosophy stems from the principle that quality based on averages is not sufficient for a mobile network, but one needs to look at the quality experienced by each individual customer. Even if the average quality is on a satisfactory level, there are customers experiencing bad network quality currently, or they are likely to experience it in not too distant the future. It is critical for you as an operator to identify these customers, understand how bad their experience is / will become, and most importantly how to how to mitigate the current and/or future problems. 

With Omnitele PRIMEA any network data – whether collected inside the network nodes or outside with field measurement tools  and crowdsourcing applications – can be turned into value added information through predictive analytics. Omnitele PRIMEA can also assist operators with future technology selections and decisions. 

To learn more about Omnitele PRIMEA, please click here.

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