Due to the unfortunate situation and GSMA's decision to cancel Mobile World Congress 2020, we are working on reorganising the booked meetings.

We have selected three typical customer cases with proven benefits. We would like to share operator success stories and lessons learned in how to maximise the value of your network assets and investments.  If this has your interest, please book a meeting with us.

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Case 1: LTE to 5G Strategy

An operator needs to secure the QoE level while traffic continues to grow, but the operator is hesitant to further invest in LTE, as 5G spectrum will be licensed in 2020. 

Apply Omnitele QROI analytics to the network to optimise current spectrum assets, and determine the technology & spectrum strategy that secures the QoE targets with minimised RAN TCO.

Quality benefits

  • +40% Capex-free QoE improvement
  • future QoE secured despite heavy traffic growth

Opex savings

  • 22 % OPEX reduction in yearly planning and Operation & Maintenance

Capex savings

  • 28 % CAPEX reduction in 3-year LTE/5G RAN expansions

Case 2: Value & ROI Based RAN Investments

The operator was not sure about the actual ROI of their RAN expansions, as the bottom line was dominated by tariffs, marketing, and competition. Growth had saturated and further RAN investments would have to be qualified by their verified ROI.  The operator wanted to ensure that any further LTE investments would return profitable revenue already within one year.

Omnitele applied the Value-Driven Network analytics models to the operator’s network and customer data, to predict the churn and ARPU impact of alternative LTE investment scenarios.

Strategic benefits

  • RAN budget justified by a verified business case
  • Saved Capex freed for other strategic actions

Quality benefits

  • 21 % less low user experiences

Revenue enhancement

  • +4.4 % Mobile revenue next year

Capex savings

  • 20-30 % reduction in RAN CAPEX for the next year

Profit enhancement

  • +11 % Operational profit next year

Case 3: Benchmark Analytics to Ensure Winner Position

The operator had invested notably to network quality & capacity, and expected to obtain the #1 position in the national network benchmark.  However, an objective benchmark campaign proved the operator’s average DL speed was actually 3 Mbps behind the best network. This result was unexpected, as the operator had the densest site-grid with the highest LTE-A capacity, and almost all performance KPIs looked favourable to the Operator

Omnitele applied predictive analytics for drive-test measurement data, to quantify the true reasons behind the benchmark gaps and to provide a concrete action plan to close the gap.

Strategic benefits

  • Winner position secured for the next benchmark campaign
  • Concrete & prioritised action list to meet the targets
  • Optimisation campaign schedule cut from 5 months to 2 months

Quality benefits

  • +5 Mbps to average DL throughput
  • Maximum performance from the existing network assets

Opex savings

  • 45 % less OPEX in optimization to win the benchmark

Capex savings

  • 35% CAPEX saving in reaching the winner position

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