First step towards 5G: LTE-5G Transition Assessment

In 2019, most operators need to conclude their 5G transformation strategy. The strategy needs to define, when to start investing in 5G, how much to invest, and how profitable is it still to invest in LTE and other legacy technologies.

To assist you answering these questions, Omnitele offers a quick and precise LTE-5G Transition Assessment. The service is based on Omnitele’s industry leading Predictive Analytics, and quantifies the optimal LTE & 5G investments in the coming years. The resulting investment plan secures the quality targets for different customer segments, but also maximises the cost effectiveness of the network investments during the transformation.

Actionable Results and Fast Execution

The assessment will be customised to your network and the available data sources, such as OSS, field-measurements, or crowdsourced measurements, and our advanced network data analytics enables fast delivery of actionable results.

Firstly, the assessment quantifies how the experienced data service quality will deteriorate due to predicted traffic growth in the coming years, if no further network investments are made in the network. The analysis is done for every sector in the network based on the cell traffic & performance characteristics.

Secondly, the assessment determines how different LTE & 5G technology expansions will impact on the customer experience, by improving the sector capacity or coverage. The analysis focuses on user experiences below the critical quality levels, required for satisfactory experience with the most popular data applications.

With Omnitele predictive analytics the user level data quality can be further translated into Customer Value in terms of Undelivered data, Lost ARPU, and Quality driven Churn risk, allowing truly ROI driven network investment planning. Read more about the Customer Value analytics.

Finally, the assessment prioritises all the investments during the coming years, based on their impact on the customer base as well as on the network total cost of ownership (TCO). The output is the optimised and concrete LTE & 5G expansion plan according to your quality or customer value targets.

This assessment reveals:

  • The relevant timing of large scale 5G rollouts
  • The optimal 5G investment to gain the benefit but avoid over investment
  • The optimal LTE investments that are still profitable through their life-cycle

Please contact us, and we can demonstrate how the assessment works and how it could answer your questions on the coming 5G transition. We’re looking forward to assisting you.

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