How to unlock value with smart network evolution

We at Omnitele deliver technology deployment strategies and re-evaluate 5G strategies. We simplify options for strategic decision making in preparation for the deployment of the next generation networks.

Omnitele operationalises latest industry insights and deep technology knowledge into RAN evolution strategies. From predictive analytics to final parameter settings, we utilise human expertise and machine learning in delivering solutions to these common complexities:

  • Network sharing and consolidation
  • Spectrum decisions and valuation support
  • Industrial requirements and technology evolution trends
  • Sunsetting technologies and legacy management
  • Network planning from site deployment to parameter configurations
  • Cost-effective Quality of Service optimization
  • Prospects for Open RAN    

Omnitele offers quick and precise insights to support strategic decision making. We have a solid track-record in delivering on our analysis and execution promises to operators, regulators and industry-specific customers worldwide.

Four pilot propositions for our technology consulting

We find our customers often battling with the following questions, which we can tackle together complementing customers’ intimate market insight with our international experience.

When should I deploy 5G?  We have supported our customers from 2G to 5G in defining the Radio Access Network strategies all over the world

What is a spectrum band worth for me? We deploy a proven methodology for quantifying the value of new spectrum bands in the operator’s network and identifying appropriate costing range for bids and auctions.

Which vendor proposition is best for me?
As an independent advisor, we can run the tender process, evaluate the risks and rewards, and help customers to select most cost-effective network partner

What do I need to meet my customers’ future requirements?  We provide Future Technology Studies on the latest technologies and features, IoT options, private LTE/5G, TV broadcast delivery and last mile fibre substitution.

Anatomy of a RAN strategy deployment

Omnitele worked with an incumbent operator to define their medium to long-term network evolution roadmap.

In less than three months we delivered a comprehensive cost and timeline analysis for

  • “Build, Buy or Share” analysis and scenario building for decision making
  • Evaluation of technology and spectrum options
  • Roadmap for new technologies and legacy sunset

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Over 30 years of trusted telecom know-how

Omnitele is an independent Finnish consultancy and world leading expert in mobile network design. We provide trusted expertise on network strategy formation, revenue enhancement, operating efficiency and improving customer experience.

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