Omnitele has been working over the years with several customers on defining 4G and 5G network sharing strategies and consolidated network designs. Typically, Omnitele has been assisting in planning, deployment and operational validation for MNO joint ventures, merger and acquisitions, tower companies and spectrum hosting arrangements.

5G deployment will see a substantial increase in the MNO’s expenditure due to its application of higher frequency bands, more small cells and large antenna arrays for massive MIMO, all against a background of an increasingly complex radio site acquisition situation. Therefore, starting 5G transformation is the right moment for an MNO to consider passive or active Radio Access Network sharing options.

Omnitele supports MNOs in shared network strategy, deployment and verification using its multi-vendor experience and world class network design know-how, thereby gaining the following typical benefits:

  • Identifying synergies in coverage and site management
  • Cost savings of 25-35% on capital and operational expenditure
  • Increase in capacity and quality of service
  • Reduction of 5G deployment risks

Why customers select Omnitele for planning their RAN network sharing:

Omnitele’s NPS customer satisfaction score has consistently been 90% or more, and from the feedback we commonly identify the appreciation of Omnitele result oriented shared network design methodologies. Omnitele’s field proven shared network support covers the following domains:

  • Strategy formation, including the definition of what type of sharing model is most applicable (passive, MORAN, MOCN), define business and quality targets and potentially execute a vendor selection process.
  • Coverage integration, including the reduction in site numbers needed to achieve the target cost savings while increase total coverage and quality of the shared network.

  • Capacity & spectrum integration, including the consolidation of combined customer and traffic distributions by spreading predicted future combined traffic over the shared network design whilst applying combined spectrum holdings and possible additional 5G spectrum.

    Omnitele’s unique shared network capacity & spectrum integration approach lies in the application of modern data science in combination with deep telecom expertise, thereby supporting operators in perfecting their shared network LTE & 5G expansions strategy and maximising their customer experience with shared network assets.

    Omnitele uses its proprietary data analytics solutions to predict future customer experience in the consolidated network by applying traffic growth scenarios based on historical network performance and traffic data of both networks. Omnitele quantifies and prioritises the present and future RAN expansions needed to sustain quality targets. The prioritisation of this list of cell specific actions is based cost effectiveness, thereby assuring maximal network Capex savings while achieving maximal network quality.
  • Backhaul transmission and capacity design, based on predicted traffic levels.

  • High Level Design and Low Level Design of shared radio base stations and antennas.

  • Implementation and verification of the shared network design according to agreed network performance SLAs

  • Benchmarking of both operators and competition to verify a level playing field for the network sharing MNOs and application of Omnitele’s predictive benchmark analytics to further optimise the shared network and to assure that

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