Network sharing is becoming increasingly beneficial for operators wanting to optimise network performance, coverage and costs. Omnitele is a recognised partner in designing and planning RAN network sharing arrangements and supporting network strategy realisation. However, this case is specifically about the benefits of systematically measuring, benchmarking, and improving the Quality of Service of such an existing operation.


Omnitele won a framework tender for a European network sharing company for regular network drive test benchmarking, and the collaboration has now progressed to its third year. The challenge in these kinds of projects is to identify potential weaknesses in network performance or bottlenecks regarding end-user perceived Quality of Service. Furthermore, it is important to be able to align with all the parties and operationalise the discovered improvement actions across the shared network partners and their different architectures.


For over 30 years Omnitele has been providing network design, management and consulting services all around the world, and based on this deep cumulative RAN understanding it has developed a systematic network benchmarking method “be-the-customer”, which transparently covers all RAN functionalities from voice and data services to applications. Measurements are collected via efficient and thorough drive testing, which customers regard as dynamic and flexible with instant communication with the customers on the discoveries allowing them to react rapidly, if necessary. The framework agreement has enabled systematic benchmarking 2 times per year, and the progress of the improvements has been easily compared to both previous measurement campaigns and the competition by using solidly the same methodology.


The systematic and methodologically transparent analysis was found to be particularly useful for the operation of the shared network. The network sharing company did not require any additional resources or procurement process to gain an evolving insight on the Quality of Service of the shared network as well as positioning itself with the competitors on the market. Omnitele also always provides its full insight and experience in linking the findings to their root causes and making measurable recommendations for further network improvements. The network performance has improved 3-5 % annually overtaking competition with a growing set of KPIs. The result reviews for the management and a thorough detailed technical reporting have helped in prioritising actions and leveraging actionable recommendations to the respective network operating teams. This collaboration is deepening towards the 5G, where Omnitele has capabilities to also evaluate roll-out options and investment planning.

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