Today, operators require more accurate monitoring and forecasting of their annual traffic growth to manage the impact in their mobile networks. According to the “Network Traffic Analysis Market” report from 2022, the global market was valued at USD 3.5 billion and is expected to reach USD 5.9 billion by 2027.

The expected growth can be attributed to the 5G rollouts, IoT (Internet of Things) deployments, cloud migrations, behavioural changes due to the pandemic, and the rising need for more accurate network administration. This means increased demand also for more accurate investment decisions, which are based rather on quality targets than coverage. With Omnitele PRIMEA, it is possible to make strategic decisions to guide investments for operational network design and planning, as well as predict how traffic growth and future network expansions affect customer experience.

The demand for network traffic analysis solutions  

Network traffic analysis is a technique used by network administrators to ensure network security, identify anomalies or unusual activity, monitor the network capacity consumption, and resolve network issues. Addressing such issues as they occur optimises the usage of an organisation's resources yet also reduces the possibility of a cyber-attack.  

During the pandemic, organizations adopted remote work and work-from-home practices, which meant vast volumes of data being exchanged over the network. Ericsson reported that the mobile network data traffic grew 10% between the fourth quarter of 2021 and the following first quarter of 2022. This particularly triggered the need to manage the data traffic efficiently, as an unusually high amount of traffic usually leads to slow download speeds or spotty VoIP/VoLTE connections.  

The pandemic also pushed governments to demand network operators to expand their networks in rural areas; to make data plans more affordable to all Internet users; to add new spectrum; and to upgrade their networks to 5G technologies to keep pace with growing data traffic.

Omnitele PRIMEA – a solution for analysing the impact of the network traffic

Omnitele PRIMEA is a solution that helps organizations gain visibility of their network performance and forecast the customer experience impact of RAN (Radio Access Network) optimisation actions and new investments. It aids in making strategic decisions to guide operational network design and planning.

Omnitele PRIMEA

Omnitele has successfully assisted Communications Service Providers (CSP) with implementing network lifecycle processes such as:

  • Customer experience optimisation by identifying bottlenecks: Bottlenecks are likely to occur due to a spike in the number of users in a single geographic location.
  • RAN performance and customer experience optimisation by troubleshooting bandwidth issues: A slow connection can be caused when a network is not designed to accommodate an increase in the number of users or amount of activity.
  • RAN design and planning by improving visibility in the network: Increased awareness of endpoints can help administrators anticipate network traffic and make necessary adjustments.
  • RAN capacity management by detecting and fixing issues faster: Network traffic analysis alerts admins when there is a traffic anomaly or possible breach.  

With Omnitele PRIMEA it is possible to predict  the traffic growth and the optimal investment level for radio access network based on your existing network data.

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