Continued co-operation with Finnish Shared Network Ltd

Finnish Shared Network has signed a two-year extension contract with Omnitele on design and optimization services for years 2018-2019, covering the whole shared network between DNA and Telia in northern and eastern parts of Finland.

Finnish Shared Network has successfully finished their rollout with Omnitele. In continuation to ensure high quality and cost efficiency, an analytics based advanced capacity management practice will be deployed. Hence, Omnitele CoDriverTM - Predictive Analytics will be implemented on top of the “traditional” design, optimisation and quality management services.

Antti Jokinen

“Our aim is very high, we want to offer the best possible customer experience, maximise the efficiency of our operations and make targeted network investments. We value Omnitele as a trusted and independent partner in supporting our mission to build a high quality shared network.” says Antti Jokinen, CEO of Finnish Shared Network.

Ville Laakso

”We are really honoured to be part of the Finnish Shared Network success story. The key for the successful co-operation is partly due to their streamlined operations and straight forward governance which is unique in the world.” says Ville Laakso, CEO of Omnitele.

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