In the ITU workshop on Telecommunication Service Quality as an Enabler of the Digital Economy Singapore, Omnitele presented Predictive Analytics for QoS/QoE measurements.

Drive Test Benchmark 2.0

Whilst many mobile network operators deploy drive tests to benchmark their networks, the drive test often fail to provide evidence on the root causes and actions required to fix the problem areas. In the ITU Workshop on Telecommunication Service Quality as Enabler of the Digital Economy in Singapore, in the presentation  “Drive Test Benchmark 2.0 with root-cause analytics” Omnitele has presented a new approach addressing these shortcomings by combining crowdsourced data on top of the drive-test KPIs. With the new approach, operators can understand not only how they compare to competition on KPI level, but also the root causes for this, and the actions required to address the root causes. As an example, Omnitele has supported operators to understand on a per-cell level how QoS would improve if a 5G network would be deployed.

Enriched Crowdsourced Data

In a separate presentation “How Crowdsourced data can be enriched for further analysis of QoE differences, data-usage gaps and churn-risk from the QoE limitations” Omnitele has showcased predictive analytics that helps the operators to minimise investments and/or maximise QoS/QoE by comparing the different optimisation options. As an added benefit, the presented approach also significantly reduces time to market.

Based on the real-world experiences, budget-constrained operators that have implemented the presented approaches have on average saved 30-60% on their network optimisation, whilst more customer experience-driven operators have gained 50-100% improvement in QoS/QoE without increasing their OPEX.

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