Omnitele maximising your 5G benefits!

Omnitele team looks forward to meeting with customers, governmental and industrial partners as well as telecoms enthusiasts during this exciting ITU Online Experience (Entering the 5G era). We are keen to share our latest knowledge on 5G and maximise the value of your network.

Since 1988, we have been supporting operators, regulators, network vendors, and other companies alike in extracting the maximum value from the mobile network assets and investments. In this ITU event, we are proud to partner with Business Finland to showcase our latest projects.

“We have developed a cutting-edge network analytics methodology that enables significant quality improvements to our customers’ networks even without the need for capital investments. The analytics can leverage both operator network data and/ or external crowdsource data” says Arnold van Holten, Head of Sales and Marketing.

Omnitele is an independent Finnish consultancy and world leading expert in mobile network design. We provide trusted expert use on network strategy formation, revenue enhancement, operating efficiency and improving customer experience.

Business Finland is a Finnish public sector operator which offers innovation funding and internationalisation services and promotes tourism and investments in Finland.

Omnitele's participation in the ITU Digital World 2020 with Business Finland

The ITU Digital World is over, but you can still have a look at Finland's National Pavilion. Omnitele was delighted to be presented as experts on 5G network evolution trends, spectrum analysis and data-driven predictive diagnoses.

"Finnish expertise is showcased in Omnitele’s future technology studies on 5G network evolution trends, spectrum analysis and data-driven predictive diagnoses."  ITU Digital World

The three-day event had interesting discussions on the impact of 5G around the world, cybersecurity, energy costs, entering the 5G and the gaps between urban/rural areas.

Read more about Finnish digital innovation:

ITU Digital World, 2020.  

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