Omnitele successfully participated in the Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. As a leading consulting company in mobile network design and planning, we were proud to showcase our PRIMEA solution to optimise investment for mobile networks, ensuring quality and cost efficiently. 

 Omnitele joined the Finland pavilion as a partner in its 6G development theme. Omnitele would therefore like to thank Business Finland for this opportunity resulting in a more than expected level of traffic to the Omnitele booth. We met with a global audience, and it is always interesting to see that language, motivation and challenges are the same in the telecom world, regardless of the respective market. 

 We demonstrated our PRIMEA tool to a large number of conference delegates, who generally gave very positive feedback on its efficiency and effectiveness. Omnitele PRIMEA enables our customers to achieve optimal results in their network investment decisions, especially answering to their present challenges in meeting growing mobile data demand against a background of limited access to spectrum resources. 

Omnitele PRIMEA uses readily available PM/CM data to develop predictive models that can determine the best course of long-term action for network optimisation. By applying advanced Machine Learning algorithms, our solution ensures optimal Quality of Service (QoS) and improved end-user experience while minimising the cost of network operations. In addition, Omnitele PRIMEA provides a continuous evaluation of performance KPIs, enabling customers to make informed decisions regarding their RAN. 

At our booth, we had a chance to meet with many key players in the mobile industry and exchange ideas about the development of mobile networks and technology. It was great to see so much energy and excitement around 5G as an enabler for further growth in the telco industry during the coming years. 

 We are very pleased with the outcome of our participation in the Mobile World Congress 2023. We would like to extend our thanks to all those who visited our booth and showed interest in our products and services. We remain committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions and look forward to continuing and growing our cooperation in the years ahead. 

We look forward to sharing more exciting developments with you in the future. 

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