Spectrum Auction

Iceland regulator PTA has announced the closing of auction of frequency licenses for 700, 800, 2100 and 2600 Mhz bands. The biggest interest and the highest bids were given on the lower bands, where Síminn received 2*20 MHz in 700 MHz band, Vodafone and Nova received both 2*5 MHz in 800 MHz band. The spectrum was valued 17.5 MISK (160 k€) per 5 MHz in the both bands.

Spectrum valuation support

Omnitele supported Síminn in spectrum valuation. Our services included quantifying the benefits of alternative spectrum strategies and the related costs of network deployment.

“Omnitele provided most valuable support to Síminn in analysing the fit of each spectrum band up for auction into our frequency portfolio and calculating the production value of the defined frequency bands” says Eric Figueras, CTO of Síminn.

“Iceland is largely rural, which means, there is some specialities in offering the world class mobile data services, but customers demand high of quality services. We are happy to support Síminn in their challenging goal of providing excellent service quality, but yet finding the most cost efficient way of designing networks” says Esa Vesterinen, VP Sales of Omnitele.

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