Is 700 MHz primarily a 5G coverage band?

The 700 MHz band auctions are happening in several European markets and the band is increasingly becoming available to mobile network operators. Now operators need to decide if the band is used for 4G LTE or to provide a coverage layer for 5G. 700 MHz spectrum is ideal for building cost-efficient 5G coverage for the long term, and maybe the only low band available.

Taking into account the 5G ecosystem development, the impact of 5G will not realise immediately. The benefits of deploying LTE on this band are immediate, as it can already provide additional capacity to areas with low-band LTE. Additional spectrum capacity may be desperately needed to provide good quality of service to current LTE customers. Reserving the spectrum for 5G coverage will limit the available LTE expansion options in the coming years, when LTE is still the primary mobile broadband technology.

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Omnitele supports operators in defining the 700 MHz strategy. We can evaluate the short and long-term potential of 700 MHz, and define the transition path from LTE to 5G with cell level granularity. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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