Supporting Operator in 5G vendor selection process


The Operator is planning its 5G rollout and at the same time the operator looking for options to modernise its existing 2G/3G/4G network. To understand the solutions available in the market and to obtain the optimal solution, both technically and commercially, the Operator decided that a RFP process would be necessary. However, as the Operator organisation is very lean, there was limited resources and competences available for successfully conducting a proper RFP process.


Omnitele was requested to support the Operator with the RFP process. Omnitele ran the sourcing process for the operator according to commonly agreed principles and requirements. The work was carried out based on Omnitele’s sourcing framework that defines the phases and best practices along the process.

The work included support with definition of RFP strategy and objectives, defining detailed technical requirements and scope of work and preparation of the RFP documents based on objectives and requirements. Launching RFP documents and taking care of the communication towards the vendors. Also the evaluation of the proposals for vendor selection was part of the assignment.

Omnitele’s Sourcing Framework

Customer benefits

  • Clear strategy and objectives for RFP
  • Clear technical requirements and scope of work for vendors
  • Clear evaluation principles
  • Smooth RFP process
  • Technically and commercially competitive solution

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