Mobile operators are constantly looking for more cost efficient and agile ways organising their for RAN planning & optimisation. During busy times operators are not always satisfied with ability to secure the targets and timelines of the network planning in times when the workload increases. On the other hand, cost pressure demands them to use existing resources for day to day tasks.

Example of Omnitele outsourcing assignment

Omnitele was asked to take full responsibility of the operator´s RAN planning and optimisation, and to provide managed services to decrease the overall costs while securing all quality targets. Furthermore the service had to be agile and to be scaled up promptly  for the bigger assignments such as network rollouts, add-hoc analyses such as network performance assessments and benchmarks.

Omnitele Solution

In order to achieve the maximum flexibility and agility to the RAN planning and optimisation, Omnitele uses it’s team of experienced radio network engineers and telecom consultants. The nominated team is guaranteed to handle daily planning and optimisation tasks, and additional resources are quickly allocated on demand basis from the existing resource pool. Any additional add-hoc analyses can be promptly organised from this same expert pool. With this flexibility and variety of telecom experts, Omnitele is able to secure the agreed quality targets in any circumstances quickly.

Scope of Work of the RAN planning & Optimisation can be for example:

  • Radio network planning of 2G/3G/4G/5G
  • Capacity management by Omnitele predictive analytics
  • SLA based quality targets  

Resourcing of the  RAN planning & Optimisation:

  • Nominated team of radio network planners for day to day operations
  • Additional planning experts available for scaling up the team when needed
  • ~20 telecom consultants available for add-hoc assignments
  • Tooling for network planning, performance management and performance measurement of 2G/3G/4G/5G networks

Customer  benefits

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Scope changes & ad-hoc tasks resourced without delay

Quality Benefits

Coverage & QoE KPIs always ensured according to agreed targets

Opex Savings

-15% in RAN design Opex

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