Omnitele assists T-Mobile Netherlands to improve its network

Omnitele congratulates T-Mobile with the maintaining the best-in-test position in the yearly P3 benchmark in the Netherlands as well as with the achieved score, being the highest that P3 has ever measured worldwide. During 2018 Dutch mobile operator T-Mobile has selected Omnitele as partner for the optimisation of its radio and transmission network design with the objective to further improve network quality, increase operational resilience and decrease cost structure.

Network Review and Consolidated Network Design

Omnitele was asked to perform an independent review of T-Mobile’s radio and transmission network design, topology and configuration, to further optimisation T-Mobile’s network quality, increase its operational resilience as well as to further reduce the operational costs base of T-Mobile’s radio and transmission networks.

The T-Mobile-Omnitele collaboration was continued, when T-Mobile Netherlands selected Omnitele as network design partner, assisting in the network design of the consolidated network, resulting from the merger of T-Mobile and Tele2 networks in the Netherlands.

“We want to deliver the best customer experience and hold on to our #1 position in Customer Satisfaction. Omnitele assists us in this by providing recommendations of radio and transmission networks structure modifications, which has enabled us to further improve our network quality. My regards and thanks to the Omnitele team who contributed to this success”, says Juan Alberto Brescoli, Manager RAN and Transmission networks, T-Mobile Netherlands.

“We are pleased to assist T-Mobile with their objective to stay the #1 operator in Customer Satisfaction. T-Mobile has solid understanding of their needs and clear vision of how to achieve them.”, says Arnold van Holten, Head of Sales and Marketing, Omnitele.

For over 30 years Omnitele has been providing network design, management and consulting services all around the world, and based on this deep cumulative RAN understanding it has developed a systematic network benchmarking method “be-the-customer”, which transparently covers all RAN functionalities from voice and data services to applications.