Buying Parameters

It all comes down to the fact of what are we buying. Fulfilling public safety user needs, requires mobile operator services equipped with SIM cards and capable core network elements. Buying SIM cards, is about price, brand, logistics and adaptation to a standard service level. Procuring capable core network equipment has more moving parts such as lots of technical features, maintenance contracts and possible customisation services. To conclude, our shopping is more or less based on standard features and terms. Is this basic approach feasible for Public Safety? Are we required to buy something else but basic products?

Long-term Plan

You love to keep track of several technologies, vendors and systems to fulfill your user requirements? In reality, this is System Integration, and they say the devil is in the detail. Where are you heading as a company? That will act as basis in building a sustainable technology strategy. It’s about your core network interfaces between chosen Mobile Network Operators ranging from one to all. During the time, it shall likely take steps from a light-weight MVNO offering into tightly integrated Multi-Operator Core Network (MOCN) on shared RAN. The consequence of not having not such a technology strategy foundation in place is like buying a new system every 5 years.

Wheel of Control

What am I buying if not SIM cards or boxes? In my opinion, a sustainable end-to-end solution that will evolve from today’s services into tomorrow’s needs. The buying process differs significantly from commodity offer as you are working on a constantly evolving solution offered by multiple players. The exact features are not known before hand, they evolve during the process – the direction influenced by price and terms. You are more looking for capable partners in delivering your vision and jointly working towards the same goal. You would need to secure your rights with a Service Level Agreement (SLA) contract. Transparency is the key to success to avoid any surprises – with an option for external SLA auditing!

If you’d like to discuss more about the issue, call/email me and let’s sit down together!

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