Changes in Critical Communications Network Technology

Critical communications and existing TETRA networks are experiencing times of change. Future demand of data and video are driving TETRA users to think about modernising network technology towards mobile broadband. In the near future more countries are expected to join these activities. Emerging 5G technology will further facilitate TETRA users in upgrading to new technologies.

Usage of existing public operators’ broadband networks for Critical Communication has some limitations in the areas of security and safety. Therefore, fundamental changes in network infrastructure are required before public networks can be used for public safety. The driver for change is the demand of bigger data volumes and video sharing. This is really key for the way critical communication in which services will be used in the future.

Omnitele provides support for end-user, regulator and operator organisations, regarding optimal solutions for private networks and critical communications solutions.

We Support

Omnitele assists critical communications user organisations in making the Mobile Broadband transformation by providing:

  • Strategy Consulting services aimed at evaluating alternative technology solutions and identifying the best fit to the organisation’s network performance and capacity requirements, while optimising the associated costs,
  • Design Services aimed at assisting the organisation in MBB network planning and implementation according to set performance and cost targets,
  • Monitoring services to audit the performance of the MBB network against set targets,
  • Optimisation services aimed at improving observed substandard MBB network performance.

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