Mobile Voice and Data Experience in Denmark

Customer Experience Benchmark in Denmark: Voice, Data, WWW, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Dropbox experience of TDC, Telenor, Telia and Tre uncovered.

Omnitele benchmarked the mobile subscriber voice and data customer experience in Denmark, April 2015. The tested mobile operators were TDC, Telenor, Telia and Tre.

On Mobile Voice and Data Customer Experience

The customer experience benchmark consisted of a country-wide drive test campaign and stationary hot-spot testing.   The drive tests focused on assessing data capacity and voice call service quality. The stationary tests involved testing of popular smartphone applications: WWW browsing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Dropbox.

application test cases

The presented results illustrate a snap-shot view of the perceived customer experience and network performance within the given time and location contexts.

Application Tests – TDC Strongest

Taking into account all tests in every measured location (1872 averaged samples in 312 locations), the results show that TDC performs the best in 51% of smartphone application tests. Telia and Telenor follow with 23% and 20% respectively. Tre performs the best in 6% of the tests.

application tests all denmark

The competitive positioning of the operators remains more or less the same throughout different applications. YouTube is an exception to the trend, operators score rather equally.

all application details denmark

The absolute differences vary among applications. For example in average web page waiting time the operators are rather close to each other. In Facebook response time (average time of picture posting, status update and wall refresh) TDC is about 50% faster than Telenor, Telia and Tre. The latter three are neck and neck despite the fact that Tre wins in only 3% of locations.

www facebook time denmark

Data Speed – TDC Dominance

The downlink bitrate tests (network to user) suggest that all four operators offer good data speeds. TDC outperforms the other three operators with average bitrate of 45 Mbit/s.  Telenor and Telia follow TDC with 28 and 27 Mbit/s respectively. Tre closes the ranking with 22 Mbit/s.

The uplink bitrate tests also indicate that good data speeds are available. The competitive positioning follows the downlink results: TDC is the first with and average bitrate of 33 Mbit/s. Compared to downlink tests, the TDC advantage against competition is even greater. Telenor has the second highest value 14 Mbit/s, followed closely by Telia 13 Mbit/s, and Tre 11.3 Mbit/s.

bitrates denmark

Mobile Voice – Tre and TDC Leading the Way

Voice service quality was tested in drive testing fashion with altogether over 9000 test call attempts. The results indicate that mobile voice call service in Denmark complies with industry standards. Call Success Rate (% of calls that are successfully initiated and terminated without a drop) is rather high for all operators: Tre 99.1%; TDC 98.6%; Telia 98.2% and Telenor 97.5%.

Omnitele also measured the voice call audio quality with industry standard POLQA super wideband algorithm. Voice Quality is reported in MOS (Mean Opinion Score) scale: 5-Excellent, 4-Good, 3-Fair, 2-Poor, 1-Bad. The results imply good voice quality for TDC (3.6) and Tre (3.6). Telenor and Telia follow very close with an average MOS of 3.3.

call success and mos denmark

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More details about results and test methodology available in the summary report. Download the report in PDF format here.

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