Omnitele Board member Harri Rauhala has been appointed as CEO starting 1 May 2019. The role became available upon resignation of the previous CEO Ville Laakso .

With Rauhala Omnitele gains vast experience from mobile operators, which complements the technical competencies and knowledge of the company. Rauhala has 20+ years of experience from management consulting for leading telecom operators, in addition to which he has served as the Chief Strategy Officer at Cell C in South Africa.

Harri Rauhala is a keen cyclist, and to judged from the number of bikes, about to start a bike shop. For winter a cycling helmet is replaced by a ski helmet, as Harri enjoys skiing and outdoor life with the family.

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Over 30 years of trusted telecom know-how

Omnitele is an independent Finnish consultancy and world leading expert in mobile network design. We provide trusted expertise on network strategy formation, revenue enhancement, operating efficiency and improving customer experience.

Omnitelen uudeksi toimitusjohtajaksi Harri Rauhala

Omnitelen hallituksen jäsen Harri Rauhala on valittu yrityksen toimitusjohtajaksi 1. toukokuuta 2019 lähtien. Tehtävä vapautui edellisen toimitusjohtajan, Ville Laakso, irtisanouduttua.

Rauhala tuo mukanaan laajan kokemuksen mobiilioperaattoreista, mikä täydentää Omnitelen vahvaa teknistä osaamista. Rauhalalla on 20+ vuoden kokemus kansainvälisestä liikkeenjohdon konsultoinnista johtaville telealan toimijoille, minkä lisäksi hän on toiminut Chief Strategy Officerina mobiilioperaattori Cell C:llä Etelä-Afrikassa.

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