Omnitele services throughout the network and technology life cycle

We support our customers throughout the network and technology life cycle – from strategy definition to optimisation of the implemented solution.

We drive for maximised business value to our customers, and provide cost-efficient and future-proof solutions.

Strategy for optimal impact

Technology options with best fit to your transformation objectives. Strategy selection with optimal impact on your network. Investment plan & timing with maximised ROI.


Define Opportunities – that support your business objectives

  • New Business Models
  • Technology Feasibility Studies
  • Regulation & Licensing Analysis

Verify Strategy – that secures maximal cost efficiency in your network

  • Technology & License Valuation
  • Network SWAP & Vendor Selection
  • RAN Sharing Validation

Quantify Investments – for maximised ROI over the technology rollout

  • Technology impact on quality of service
  • Network quality impact on customer value
  • ROI Based Rollout Phasing

Design to secure the targets

Secured performance and interoperability of the legacy and the new technologies. Future proof dimensioning ensuring the quality & business targets with minimum cost. Detail optimisation to secure seamless service launch.


Technology Design – to ensure integration of new technology

  • Propagation Model Tuning
  • Nominal Planning
  • Frequency Re-farming
  • Traffic Steering & Mobility

Detailed Network Planning – to secure optimal network solution

  • Site Surveys & Configuration Planning
  • Radio Network Planning & Low level Design
  • Predictive Capacity Dimensioning
  • Backhaul Design & Capacity

Launch Verification – to guarantee seamless customer experience

  • Pre-launch Optimisation
  • Acceptance Testing
  • Vendor SLA Verification

Monitoring the target realisation

Monitoring and prediction of quality & customer value realisation in the network. Benchmark to competition & international operators. Quantified inefficiencies in operational design, and gaps in the network assets & strategy.


Competitor Benchmark – to compare against competition  & industry leaders

  • Network Performance Benchmark
  • Service & Application experience Benchmark
  • Customer Value Benchmark

Performance Monitoring – to measure network impact on quality & customer value

  • Network Performance Audit & Monitoring
  • Customer Experience Monitoring
  • Network Impact on Churn & ARPU

Root-cause Analysis – to quantify the impact of root causes on the performance gaps

  • Network Coverage & Topology
  • Radio Network Design
  • Capacity & Configurations
  • Spectrum & Steering Strategy

Optimisation of network value

Maximised performance from  the deployed network assets. Optimised expansions with maximised ROI, avoiding under  & over investments. Predicted lifecycle of the technology strategy and schedule for new transformation.


Performance Optimisation – to maximise the value of the deployed network

  • Coverage & Quality Optimisation
  • Capacity & Resource Utilisation
  • Traffic steering & Off-loading

Expansion  Optimisation – to maximise ROI from additional network expansions

  • Carrier & Spectrum Expansions
  • Feature & MIMO Upgrades
  • Macro Site Deployments
  • Indoor & Small Cell Solutions

Life-cycle Optimisation – to optimise the life cycle of legacy technology

  • Network Capacity Stress Tests
  • Investment Efficiency Saturation Analysis
  • Technology Transformation Scheduling