Practical network design with predictive analytics - Quality targets reached with predefined network cost cap - 25% cut in capacity upgrade capex

Change Needed

As 4G LTE coverage starts to saturate, operators need to shift focus from managing rollout to managing QoS, Capacity and Network Cost. This imposes a few important questions:

  1. How to define meaningful network quality criteria?
  2. How high the quality level should be?
  3. What is the cost of quality, and how to minimise it?
  4. Is my network design process ready for such target setting?

Our answer to the challenge is combining practical Network Design & Optimisation with CoDriver™ Predictive Analytics.

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Network Design with CoDriver™ Predictive Analytics

CoDriver™ is our proprietary network analytics framework for managing mobile network capacity and optimising network quality, design and cost.

  • Understand the cost of network quality & customer experience
  • Predictive RAN design & Just-in-Time capacity management
  • Reach quality targets within a predefined network cost limit

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Customer Centric Design Targets

How smooth is web browsing?Can I stream Netflix?…Do I get stutter-free Spotify?…

That’s how the customers perceive mobile networks. And that’s also how we define the network design criteria. Cell level targets are applied to secure homogenous minimum quality throughout the network. Network level targets ensure sufficient average quality compared to competition.

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Uncovering the Cost of Network Quality

Customer centric target setting is vital element of success. Defining realistic design criteria requires however also in-depth understanding of the network cost dynamics. CoDriver™ Predictive Analytics gives us practical means to

  1. Produce accurate cell-level traffic forecasts
  2. Combine the projections with a detailed network dimensioning model
  3. Define the the capex and opex of maintaining different quality levels

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25% Capex Cut in Capacity Upgrades

By allocating the expansions based on their predicted cell-specific QoS impact and solution deployment cost, we can slash 25%…35% of the capacity spending compared to traditional expansion strategies – without compromising the quality targets.

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Network Quality Guarantee & Cost Cap

Our network design & optimisation service comes with a true quality guarantee. We commit to the selected network quality targets with a pre-defined network cost cap. That is, both network quality and network cost are built in the SLA. In practice, this is what we promise:

  1. Fixed CAPEX and OPEX promise to reach predefined target QoS
  2. 25…35 % CAPEX savings in RAN capacity upgrades
  3. 10…30 % OPEX cut in RAN design & construction management

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Flexible Service Models

Capturing the benefits of CoDriver™ analytics doesn’t require outsourcing the whole network design process to us. As a lighter solution, we offer Capacity Audits and Capacity Management as managed service. Regardless of the service model, the methodology and key benefits remain the same.

Excellence with Experience

Our company was founded in 1988 to setup and design world’s first GSM network. Since then we have been pioneering every technology introduced in the market. We live for network design, and excellence in the domain is a prerequisite for our existence. Contact us and we will explain our offer in detail. Or is 25 % CapEx cut really something you can ignore?

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How is my service quality compared to competition? Where do I have bottlenecks and quality shortcomings? How to improve customer experience, where to focus investments?


Linking Together Network Design, Network Performance and Customer Experience

Customer Experience is the tip of the iceberg – the final result of Network Performance, which boils down to Network Design. Omnitele Network Audit essentially means linking together these three concepts, and building understanding on their relative dynamics – in your network.


Customer Experience Benchmark

Our Customer Experience Benchmarks focus on comparing the mobile service quality against local competition, reference markets and industry standards. Our Be-the-Customer approach ensures visibility to true end-user experience: The test cases, times, locations and devices are selected as per expected customer behaviour.
> Case Example: Mobile Data Experience in Nordics & Baltics


Network Performance Audit

Our Network Performance Audit projects focus on assessing the network capacity, quality and coverage in end-to-end fashion. We identify crucial quality bottlenecks and derive short term improvement recommendations. Results are typically used by the CTO organisation for example to verify rollout progress or to enforce the infrastructure vendor SLA.
> Case Example: Customer Experience Optimisation, Wataniya Kuwait


Network Design Audit

In Network Design Audits we identify the required actions to meet customer experience targets with minimised expenditures. We uncover scalability, disaster recovery and business continuity risks. We assess and optimise capacity utilisation and reveal hidden costs. We work side by side with operator’s technical team to secure optimum outcomes and maximum competence transfer.
> Case Example: Batelco Bahrain


Visibility to Quality Trends with a Holistic Audit Program

An Audit Program is a tailored package of Customer Experience, Network Performance and Network Design Audits conducted either continuously or periodically 3-4 times in a year. The key benefit of the periodicity is the continuous visibility to quality trends. Service standardisation naturally introduces additional cost-efficiency.

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In-Depth Analysis with CoDriver™ Predictive Analytics

With our CoDriver™ Predictive Analytics we get an instant cell level view of the current network status and future quality trends. CoDriver™ is an ideal solution for finding network bottlenecks and selecting future-proof solutions to counteract them.

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Our modular approach can be tailored for all different customer needs. We link together Customer Experience, Network Performance and Network Design in a meaningful way for both CTO and CMO teams.

Auditing with Experience

Omnitele is an acknowledged independent auditor of networks around the globe. Our audit process has been iterated and verified through hundreds of projects. We offer a reliable and field-proven methodology that withstands scrutiny. We use state of the art measurement tools from industry leading vendors.



Strategic advisory services for telecom operators, regulators and investors. We ensure future-proof investments, right price and minimised risks.

Strategic Advisory

We offer a holistic selection of technology strategy consulting services for mobile operator top-management. Typical questions we answer in our projects include:

  • How to secure mobile broadband profitability?
  • When to rollout 5G, where and how?
  • Which RAN features should be deployed?
  • Which equipment vendor to select?
  • Which frequencies to bid for, and how much to pay for them?

And eventually, how to run a successful sourcing project for the right equipment, with right price and minimised risks?


Technology Roadmapping

We transform your business objectives into a future proof long-term technology roadmap. We ensure that the technology migrations and architecture changes take place at optimum times and via optimum migration paths.


Vendor Selection & Sourcing

We identify the most advantageous solutions and suppliers to match the selected strategy and to meet your business objectives. We negotiate comprehensive and clear contracts with the selected vendors. We ensure right solutions, right price and minimised risks.


Technical Due Diligence

We deliver an independent and holistic analysis of the technology assets associated in M&A opportunities. We conduct thorough assessment of the network, staff, frequency licences and spectrum flexibility. We uncover risks and demands associated with regulatory environment. We leave no stone unturned.

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Strategic Insight with CoDriver™ Analytics

Be it a new feature, new frequency or a completely new network, our CoDriver™ Predictive Analytics gives the perfect means for predicting the business impact of alternative investments. CoDriver™ is an ideal solution for conducting What-If analyses and making informed business decisions.

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Technology Meets Business

Our multi-disciplinary consulting teams bring both technical and commercial knowhow around the same table. We believe that our competence and experience combined with our CoDriver™ Analytics is something unique and exclusively available only with us.