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Omnitele has proven their expertise and we appreciate their flexibility in delivering high quality services.- Allan Kock, Director of Radio Networks, Telia Company Group

Together with Omnitele we can design next generation public safety services for our customers’ critical needs. The managed migration from TETRA technology to LTE is a key matter in decades.- Timo Lehtimäki, CEO, Erillisverkot

We trusted Omnitele in a large benchmark to support our leading coverage position and optimize the customer experience. Omnitele demonstrated true professionalism, responsiveness and quality.- Frode Saastad, Product Director, Mobile Broadband, Telenor Norway


selected customer cases

Customer Experience Benchmark, Telenor Sweden

Telenor Sweden, Sweden’s third largest mobile operator, contracted Omnitele to benchmark mobile data customer experience. Project purpose was to measure and analyse the competitive quality positioning of two Swedish service providers: Telia and Telenor. In order to assess the mobile data customer experience, Omnitele conducted a vast field measurement campaign. Altogether 680 test locations in urban, rural and typical holiday areas were selected and tested by Omnitele. The measurements were executed with end-user centric methodology: testing times, locations, services, SIM cards and terminals used in the tests were selected based on typical Swedish mobile subscriber behaviour.

Customer Experience Optimisation, Ooredoo Kuwait

Wataniya Telecom Kuwait assigned Omnitele to improve customer experience of mobile voice and data services. Omnitele started the project with detailed problem area prioritisation. Statistical data of problem tickets, coverage plots, planned sites, churn rates, customer complaints, population density, important land marks and other relevant information was combined to find the areas requiring most immediate improvement actions. After the problem area prioritisation, network performance and end-user QoS tests of mobile voice and data services were conducted across the country of Kuwait. Tests were performed where people live, work and play: on streets, sea areas and selected indoor locations. The tests were executed with end-user centric approach: test devices, times, locations and services were selected in “be-the-customer” fashion. To form solid basis for the final analysis, measurement results were combined with information extracted from Wataniya’s performance management, configuration management and business intelligence systems. Voice calls and internet sessions were then analysed against agreed QoS/QoE thresholds and KQI’s. As a result of the project, Wataniya received a comprehensive set of short term and long-term network improvement recommendations. Short term recommendations alone rendered immediate and noticeable customer experience improvement with zero capital expenditures. Post-optimisation tests showed that Wataniya provides outstanding customer experience of mobile voice and data services.

Quality Assurance, KPN Netherlands

Omnitele's quality assurance partnership with KPN Royal Dutch Telecom started in 2007 and lasted for over 6 years until 2013. Through the years Omnitele has rendered various different services such as network measurements, benchmarking, analysis and optimisation for GSM, GPRS, UMTS, HSPA, DVB-T, GSM-R and LTE networks.

Shared Network Design, Yhteisverkko Finland (TeliaSonera, DNA)

The Finnish mobile operators TeliaSonera Finland and DNA concluded a major co-operation agreement to construct a joint mobile network in Northern and Eastern Finland. The network shall be sourced, implemented and managed by “Suomen Yhteisverkko Oy” –company owned by the two operators. Yhteisverkko OY selected Omnitele to design the all-new radio network. Omnitele is the provider of planning, design and optimisation services and responsible for the network quality until end of year 2017. Geographically the new network will cover approximately 50 per cent of the country, and around 15 per cent of the population. The all new 2G/3G/4G shared network will be equipped with latest generation base station technology. Network sharing is implemented in MOCN (Multi-Operator Core Network) fashion. More about the case in Yhteisverkko's own brochure

Unitel, Angola

Our collaboration with Unitel started in 2004 with a network audit project. At the time Unitel had just started the operations in Angola and had less than 1M subscribers. Today, Unitel provides 2G, 3G and 4G mobile voice and data services to a customer base of over 9M subs. Since 2004, Omnitele has provided Unitel with numerous different network development projects related to network design, optimisation and auditing. In addition to professional services, Unitel has contracted Omnitele to conduct various different vendor management and infrastructure procurement consulting projects. In 2010 Omnitele and Unitel signed a 3 year network audit program contract. The auditing covered mobile customer experience, different aspects of network performance, design and physical installations, and knowledge transfer activities from vendor to Unitel. The three year program was tailored to fit with Unitel's managed services agreement to ensure network vendor SLA compliance.

Network Design & Optimisation, DNA Finland

In the end of 1999, the mobile operator Suomen 2G contracted Omnitele to design a completely new GSM network in Finland – the one that was soon to be known as DNA Finland. The partnership proved lucrative for both companies, and later on DNA continued to outsource the design and optimisation work of 3G and 4G networks to Omnitele as well. Today, Omnitele is fully responsible of DNA mobile network design, optimisation, infrastructure swap and capacity management: 1) Defining the planning guidelines and high level swap plan, 2) Proof of Concepting, 3) Swap Design and RAN planning, 4) Supervising network deployment and vendor activities, 5) Final network acceptance.

LTE700 Pilot Network Planning and Design, Anvia Finland

Anvia implemented a LTE pilot network in 700 MHz frequency band in Finland. The purpose of the pilot was to assess the feasibility of using 700MHz band for fibre network extension. Testing included technical aspects such as coverage, performance analysis and system integration to existing network as well as application usability verification and operator business case validation. Omnitele assisted Anvia in the pilot planning, prepared the network design and modelled the service levels for number of rollout scenarios. Omnitele also measured the real life performance and verified the assumptions made in design, simulation and network dimensioning.

LTE800 License Verification Assessment, Elisa Eesti

Estonian Technical Surveillance Authority (TSA) allocated LTE800 frequency license to EMT Estonia in May 2013. The license allocation was based on TSA’s measurements which confirmed that EMT’s LTE800 network meets the license requirements. In June 2013 Elisa Estonia contracted another company to conduct a comparative measurement campaign and assess EMT’s LTE800 network status. The observed results were contradicting the results of TSA. As two tests campaigns were executed with differing results, Elisa Eesti wished to have the methodologies thoroughly evaluated by an independent third party. In July 2013 Elisa Estonia contracted Omnitele to conduct the analysis with following objectives: Analysis of two Estonian wide LTE800 measurement reports; Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the two methodologies; Define the most suitable methodology for verifying LTE800 license obligations

LTE450 Network Design, Ukkoverkot Finland

Ukkoverkot Ltd, the company owning and operating the Ukko Mobile network in Finland, contracted Omnitele to design new 4G LTE network on 450MHz frequency band. The existing network was based on CDMA 450 technology and to accommodate the increasing demand of mobile data services, the network was upgraded with state-of-the-art 4G LTE infrastructure. Ukko Mobile will be the world’s first commercial deployment of a countrywide LTE network on 450MHz frequency band. Omnitele assignment was to design the LTE 450MHz mobile network for maximised mobile data customer experience and minimised expenditures on network infrastructure. The scope of work included radio network design, mitigating the interference issues related to co-existence with TV broadcast network, and country border interference coordination.

Intelligent capacity management, Batelco, Bahrain

Omnitele was contracted to support Batelco in mobile network capacity management. The project was conducted with Omnitele’s proprietary ICM (Intelligent Capacity Management) software framework. The project target was to identify 3G network current and future capacity bottlenecks, to define required expansions and upgrades. 3G RAN investment plan was optimised, to provide maximum QoS improvement with minimised cost. As a project result Omnitele delivered a concrete cell/site level RAN expansion plan to provide targeted QoS with minimised cost. Cost saving compared to conventional plan was 1.1M USD (28%). Capacity management practises were updated to avoid bottlenecks and cost inefficiencies in the future.

Frequency Strategy Development, TRC Jordan

Omnitele started working with TRC in 2011. TRC, Telecommunications Regulatory Commission, is the regulator in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. Omnitele assisted TRC in finding an optimal balance between different uses of frequencies and advised the authority in managing the countries' spectrum assets.

Network Quality Audit and Troubleshooting, Ooredoo Qatar

Omnitele performed a mobile network quality audit for Ooredoo Qatar (Qtel). The objectives of the project were to provide an overview of the network performance from the customer perspective, to benchmark the network quality against the industry standards, and to provide improvement recommendations for further network optimisation. The campaign was vast, covering all paved roads, selected indoor locations & landmarks and important maritime routes.

Network and Customer Experience Audit, Batelco Bahrain

Omnitele benchmarked Batelco’s end-user QoS of voice and data services against local competition and and conducted an optimisation campaign to improve mobile subscribers' quality of experience. During the optimisation campaign Omnitele improved network efficiencies by maximising service quality especially in Mobile Broadband, Advanced Services requirements for Smartphones and the growing end-user sophistication.