Operator Challenge

The operator aimed for a network consolidation as part of M&A. The target was to reduce Capex/Opex through RAN sharing. It was unclear how to maximise cost savings while preparing for future proof 5G rollout & shared wholesale network

Omnitele Assignment

  • Design MOCN or MORAN network with RAN sharing
  • Maximise cost savings through site dismantling
  • Reduce costs of high band 5G introduction through optimised shared network
  • Determine required network expansions to ensure long term QoE with the foreseen traffic growth  


Omnitele applied predictive analytics based network consolidation design.

Input for the analysis

  • Defined targets for coverage & Quality
  • Forecasted 5y traffic growth
  • Input network plans & OSS data

Analysis steps

  • Coverage integration:
  • Integrate networks
  • Remove excessive sites
  • Mitigate coverage gaps by antenna swaps
  • Capacity & Spectrum integration
  • Distribute combined future traffic to sites
  • Predict future quality in remaining sites
  • Quantify RAN expansions to sustain quality targets
  • HLD, LLD, & Implementation
  • Implement shared network design, verify SLA

Output of the consolidationdesign

  • 37% of the sites dismantled
  • Coverage & data throughput exceeded the targets

Operator benefits

Strategic benefits

  • High quality future proof shared RAN network design
  • SLA based execution of network consolidation


Quality benefits

  • 10% increased coverage
  • 20% increase in data throughput
  • Network capacity to cater for 50% YoY traffic growth


Opex savings

  • 34% reduced RAN Opex

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