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For over 30 years, we have been supporting Operators, Regulators, Vendors, and Users alike in extracting the maximum value from the mobile network assets and investments.


Omnitele has been supporting leading operators for over 30 years in extracting the maximum value from their mobile network assets and investments. We have proven experience in driving revenue and customer experience with network design, planning and optimisation, as well as in reducing network operating costs and making the most of the network investments. 

Omnitele is also your trusted partner in strategic considerations such as spectrum acquisition, vendor management, technical due diligence, or 5G transformation, in addition to which some operators have outsourced their network planning and design to Omnitele. 

What unites all of the above, is Omnitele’s overarching focus in making you successful.

Revenue Enhancement

The network remains a key lever for revenue enhancement for operators. Understanding how and where to have a better network than the competition, or driving ARPU and usage while reducing churn based on network design and QoS targets are examples of the type of assignments through which Omnitele supports the operators.

Case study: Revenue enhancement through ROI based network investments

Cost reduction & investment optimisation

A universal challenge faced by operators is the decoupling of data usage growth from revenue growth. This, in turn, is putting increasing pressure on network operating costs, as well as in ensuring the maximum value from the network investments.

Omnitele has supported many operators with their operating cost reduction programmes, from merged or joint networks to active spectrum management to becoming an outsourcing partner. Similarly, for future investments, Omnitele has developed a methodology that enables operators to compare different investment options, and provide the optimal solution given the spectrum assets, QoS targets, and budget available.

Case study: Cost reduction through Network Consolidation. 

Case study: Cost reduction through Outsourced RAN planning & optimisation

Case study: TCO optimisation through LTE/5G spectrum & expansion strategy

Customer Experience Improvement

The Network remains the single most important touchpoint for customers, directly driving customer experience, satisfaction and loyalty. Omnitele has extensive experience in supporting operators in reaching the desired customer experience – sometimes even without additional investments – as well as in predicting future customer experience bottlenecks and addressing them proactively even before the problems materialise.

Case study: Benchmark analytics to ensure winner position

Network & Spectrum Sourcing

As the single biggest cost driver, network and network strategy are inherently linked to the company strategy. For example, evaluating 5G licenses, selecting a network vendor, or building a spectrum strategy dictate the future direction of the company. Omnitele can support operators with these strategic considerations, bringing experience from 1000+ projects and 100+ countries to the decision making.

Case study: 5G Spectrum auction support

Case study: 5G vendor selection support


Mobile communication has proven to drive economic value of the country with improvements not only in connectivity, but also in productivity and efficiency. Omnitele has supported multiple regulators in their quest to unlock this value, from spectrum related matters to monitoring to introduction of new technologies and services.

Spectrum management

Spectrum remains one of the most valuable national assets, and careful management and utilisation are of utmost importance. Omnitele  can support regulators for example on techno-economic studies for introduction of spectrum and/or technologies (e.g. 5G in 700 MHz, 3.5 GHz, 26 GHz), evaluation of spectrum scenarios, including valuation of spectrum bands, or on modelling of different spectrum deployment scenarios, including traffic growth models and development of Quality of Service levels.

Click here to see a case study of Omnitele spectrum management

Network monitoring

Omnitele provides independent operator performance benchmarks, as well as verification of spectrum license conditions (including coverage, Quality of Service, spectrum usage, data throughputs, and more). Omnitele also supports regulators in defining the industry standards for the metrics of network quality measurements and benchmarks.

Case study: Objective metric for customer experience benchmark

New technology assessment

Omnitele can support the regulators with international industry and technology experience on developing policies for new technologies. This can include development of cost models for new service deployment, or scenario investment analysis. Current, often requested topics include 5G investment analysis and network sharing scenario modelling.


Leading network vendors use Omnitele’s services for independent verification and expertise on network benchmarking and design, planning, and optimisation. This enables the vendors to focus on their core business, whilst not having to worry on the other activities thanks to trustworthy partner.

Network benchmarking

Omnitele has over 30 years of experience in network benchmarking and field measurements, and has expertise on all of the latest technologies including 5G. The benchmarking services may include cluster and site verification, and cover both indoor and outdoor measurements. Moreover, the benchmarking measurements may be complemented with crowdsourced data for even more detailed analysis.

Click here to see a case study on Omnitele benchmark analysis

Design, planning, and optimisation

Omnitele can support network vendors on all their design, planning, and optimizsation related needs. This may include from high-level or low-level network design, to outsourcing mobile network design, planning and optimisation operations based on SLAs to Omnitele. Operators can leverage Omnitele’s vast experience and expert resources in project management, in addition to which the support may include network capacity management, new features introduction, or network swaps and/or network sharing. What unites all of the above, is the ability for the vendor to trust in Omnitele. We are a safe pair of hands.

Click here to see a case study on Omnitele network design, planning, and optimisation


In addition to the mobile operators, regulators, and network vendors, Omnitele supports different user organisations on their radio network related needs. Many companies and organisations in this diverse group use radio networks as an enabler: you might be the army, police, rail operator, IoT provider, or perhaps a company utilising a mobile network, which would benefit from the support of a world-leading network design company. The exact scope will be tailored for each assignment, but the principle remains the same: Omnitele will ensure the user organisation can extract the maximum value out of the assets and/or investments.

Click here to see a use-case example

Service provider management

  • Mobile communication strategy definition for user organisation (e.g. critical communication, public transport, healthcare, Industry, utilities)
  • Cost and operational model analysis for user organisation to aid the decision on own private networks, public operator networks, or hybrid solutions
  • Definition and verification of SLAs between user organisation and mobile network operators that provide connectivity to the user organisation’s operational processes
  • Benchmark of mobile operator performance (coverage, quality) as part of tender processes for a large organisation, including implementation of technical ranking procedures
    Advise critical communication user organisation on the introduction of mobile broadband, IoT, and/or related services
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Is your site grid ready for 5G?

5G introductions that are going on or in the plans in several countries around the world are  bringing the radio network planning once more into the focus. With 5G new, higher frequency bands and new service requirements, like higher data rates and low latency will be introduced. This means new requirements for the radio network and will require an update of network planning rules and thresholds. Even though operators typically utilise their existing site grid as basis for 5G rollouts, some changes for sites might be needed as the existing site grid and site configurations may not always provide an…
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Is your site grid ready for 5G?

Omnitele supports DNA Plc in meeting high data demand with…

Omnitele supports DNA in the planning of a future proof 5G network offering with even, better quality of service, and higher capacity. DNA Plc is one of the leading Finnish mobile telecommunications service providers and nowadays a part of the global Telenor Group. Their 4G LTE network reaches already more than five million Finns and covers 99% of Finland’s population and currently DNA is quickly rolling out their 5G network.1 Telenor Group is a leading telecommunications company across the Nordics and Asia with 182 million customers and annual sales of around USD 14 billion (2020).2 DNA’s mobile network is the…
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Omnitele supports DNA Plc in meeting high data demand with…

Spectrum valuation & strategy

It is important to understand the costs related to new spectrum band and bandwidth alternatives when creating a spectrum strategy that may include participation in 700 MHz, 3.5 GHz or 26 GHz 5G auctions or in re-auctioning of 900, 1800 or 2100 MHz bands. Omnitele supports operators in such spectrum strategy definitions by delivering spectrum valuation services. Omnitele reviews and rates all possible spectrum alternatives and delivers cost predictions required to achieve network quality and business targets given present and possible new network assets. The choices made with respect to the Radio Access Network (RAN) asset deployment are key to…
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Spectrum valuation & strategy

Voice over LTE

Although commercially launched in 2014, to date only about 30% of LTE networks around the world provide VoLTE voice services. VoLTE improves the mobile voice experience substantially. The improvement is most noticeable in lower call set up times. Voice Quality Mean Opinion Score (MOS) will increase and VoLTE allows for adaptation by all IP 5G networks. Migrating voice services from 2/3G to 4G LTE facilitates sunset strategies for legacy technologies, thereby freeing frequency bands for more spectrum-efficient 4G and 5G technologies. Implementation of VoLTE not only requires the installation of an IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) node, but it also requires…
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Voice over LTE

Improving performance of shared networks

Network sharing is becoming increasingly beneficial for operators wanting to optimise network performance, coverage and costs. Omnitele is a recognised partner in designing and planning RAN network sharing arrangements and supporting network strategy realisation. However, this case is specifically about the benefits of systematically measuring, benchmarking, and improving the Quality of Service of such an existing operation. Situation Omnitele won a framework tender for a European network sharing company for regular network drive test benchmarking, and the collaboration has now progressed to its third year. The challenge in these kinds of projects is to identify potential weaknesses in network performance…
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Improving performance of shared networks


improving KPIs

mobile network

mobile networks

network performance

RAN network

Objective metric for customer experience benchmark

Background One of the objectives of a benchmark campaign is to be able to certify its results in terms of a statistically relevant statement on the ranking of the tested operators. In the by Omnitele applied “be-the-customer” benchmark approach these results indicate the Customer Experience levels rendered by the tested operators. Concerning the presentation of the Customer Experience, the following complications do arise: • In mature markets the average results for Customer Experience of data- and OTT services are very close. Hence in order to achieve statistically significant differences between the performance level of the tested operators relatively large measurement…
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Objective metric for customer experience benchmark

GSM-R interference mitigation

Background The use of mobile broadband technologies UMTS/HSPA and LTE in the 800 and 900 MHz band will cause interference to the GSM-R system which operates in a band adjacent to the public 900 MHz band. In order to avoid the potential detrimental effects of this 900 MHz interference to the GSM-R system, Omnitele has investigated several interference mitigation measures concerning public 900 MHz signals for a European railway company. Solution Omnitele has carried out a technical review of measures to both limit the signal levels of public mobile UMTS and LTE technologies in the 900 MHz band and the…
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GSM-R interference mitigation

5G Spectrum auction support

Background For a Nordic operator, Omnitele carried out the valuation of 700 MHz spectrum as input to spectrum auction. Solution Omnitele modelled and simulated different scenarios with varying input parameters, including: Different spectrum band combinations, with both present spectrum holdings and potential new spectrum bands to be acquired.QoS/Throughput objectivesTraffic model with varying traffic growth factorsTechnology development & costs thereofRegulatory constraints The output of the project was a valuation per spectrum band and prioritised spectrum options as input for the customer’s auction strategy Comparison to assess the value of license(s) with a set QoS target The delta indicates the production value…
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5G Spectrum auction support

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