Operators need 5G vendors on whom they can rely today and in the future

Tender Process

5G transition forces mobile network operators to assess the future technical capabilities and commercial terms of their current network vendors and existing agreements. Such an evaluation process will typically involve vendor qualification and selection. It is crucial to manage and scope this evaluation process appropriately. Vendor selection is a lengthy procedure that includes several steps, such as defining the operator requirements, evaluating vendor proposals, and negotiations.

Assistance by an independent 3rd party with experience in vendor qualification and selection process can help an operator in creating a successful and long-lasting vendor relationship. The figure below illustrates the high-level project flow of the typical Omnitele approach for a vendor qualification and selection process.


Operators will need to evaluate each vendor’s commitments, capabilities, and service roadmaps against the internally defined requirements. Although the operators typically have the in-house capability to run a tender process, it is often challenging to allocate the needed resources for each part of the process. Usually, the process needs to be organised along with the daily routine tasks and internal ad-hoc work.

Therefore, a 3rd-party vendor-selection partner can provide the needed support to an operator in the tender process, thus assuring timeliness and overall success in the vendor selection process. Omnitele has extensive international experience in vendor selection with fully satisfied customers.

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