Mobile Data Speeds Benchmarked in the Helsinki Metro system

Benchmarking Mobile Data Bitrates

DNA Finland contracted Omnitele to measure and compare the data speeds offered by Finnish mobile service providers DNAElisa and Telia in the Helsinki Metro system. The Helsinki Metro system includes also the new extension into Espoo, known as West Metro. The benchmark focused on the download speeds available with each service provider’s highest level data plans (unlimited data volumes, highest data rate) targeted to the consumer segment. That is, mobile subscriptions available to the consumer market.

The measurements were carried out during November and December 2017. Among the commuters, Omnitele measured along the metro lines from all stations between Matinkylä – Mellunmäki – Vuosaari.

Downlink Results

The highest average downlink data transfer speeds were measured with DNA (80,5 Mbps). Telia (52,6 Mbps) and Elisa (48,7 Mbps) results were rather close to each other.

Technical Considerations

Operator data rate results had strong correlation with the observed LTE network signal strength and quality. The seemingly high data rates can be mostly attributed to the wide LTE network deployments from all three service providers. The most remarkable differences in observed data rates primarily correlated with the utilisation rate of advanced LTE features, 2CC (Two Component Carriers) and 3CC (Three Component Carriers) LTE Carrier Aggregation.

Considering the most typical use cases such as web browsing and video streaming, the measured data rates enable excellent mobile service experience with all measured service providers

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