LTE-5G Transition Assessment

Fast Deliverable LTE-5G Transition Assessment Service

Already now, or at least in the near future, all operators will have to consider their strategy towards possible 5G implementation. Questions like when to start investing in 5G, how much to invest, and how long will it still be profitable to invest in LTE technology, will need to be answered.

To assist you in embarking on your 5G journey, Omnitele offers quick and efficient LTE-5G Transition Assessment Service. The service is based on Omnitele’s longstanding experience of applying Predictive Analytics in Network Transformation projects, and centers around quantifying the optimal LTE & LTE-A investments in the coming years, and determining the timing and scale of 5G & mMIMO transition in your network

The analysis required for Omnitele’s LTE-5G Transition Assessment can be based on any QoS data readily available. There is furthermore no need for other confidential data.

The LTE-5G Transition Assessment covers the monitoring, optimisation and strategy phases of the technology lifecycle.

As the first step, based on the available QoS data, the assessment starts with a quantified prediction on how the experienced data service quality will deteriorate if no further network investments are made. A degraded data service quality will translate into diminished Customer Value in terms of an increase in undelivered data, lost ARPU and increased Churn

As the next step, the assessment determines the investments in LTE-A technology that would be required in the coming years to cater for the growing customer demands, whilst delivering an adequate level of data service quality and thus Customer Value.

As the third step, the assessment introduces 5G technology on top in order to optimise the overall network ROI levels. The deliverable of this third step is an appraisal on when to introduce 5G, within which spectrum and with what 5G technology solutions, given your network and business context. Furthermore, in this final step we will determine what part of the LTE-A investment may be omitted due to introduction of 5G, while maintaining the set data service quality level.

The figure below illustrates a high level summary of a LTE-5G Transition Assessment for an example network case.

We’re looking forward to assisting you on your way towards 5G. Please contact us and we’ll tell you more!

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