Omnitele helps VVO to improve indoor coverage in Finland

Too few bars indoor?

Unfortunately this challenge relates to many modern residential buildings with aluminum coated insulation and window films which extensively isolate the radio signals. Unclear cost sharing of indoor mobile network technologies between mobile operators stimulates the real estate owners to step up to the challenge. The ultimate goal is to have good coverage in center of the apartments, elevators as well as basements.

Professionally planned indoor solutions consist of either building a new radio site for a cluster of residential buildings, or installing radio repeaters in the buildings. Traditionally each operator implements dedicated solutions, however from real estate owner perspective it makes more sense to deploy multi-operator shared solutions.

VVO Steps Up in Kalasatama

VVO – as one of the largest real estate owners in Finland – wants to offer its customers more than plain vanilla, and thus asked consultation from Omnitele. To help VVO with the initiative, Omnitele performed indoor network coverage measurements and planning consultation at VVO Kalasatama residence in Helsinki, Finland during August 2015. The purpose of the measurements was to acquire a detailed understanding of the mobile network coverage within the residence and consult VVO in improving the customer experience of mobile services.


Detailed measurements for improved coverage

Omnitele conducted the measurements on the residence nearby streets, residence rooftop as well as throughout the indoor floorplan with professional measurement equipment. As result Omnitele delivered test measurement report, operator interviews for future improvement plans and improvement recommendations with related investment levels.

“Omnitele executed the project with high quality, professional accuracy and gave important recommendations for us to improve customer experience in challenging residential indoor conditions”, stated Mr. Urpo Koivusaari, Project Manager at VVO Finland


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