Omnitele Assists Finavia in Improving TETRA Network Quality

TETRA – Critical for Success

Finavia operates 22 airports in Finland, and the success of Helsinki Airport is at the core of Finavia strategy. A properly working communications network is obviously a vital element of the winning formula. This is where TETRA network plays a viable role – it facilitates mission critical communication to over one hundred subscribers across the busy airport

Improving Network Quality

Due to recent construction changes and on-going construction expansions, Omnitele was assigned to validate the TETRA network quality in the airport. The audit project covered outdoor areas surrounding the runways, public terminal halls, indoor terminal building floors top to bottom, Airport Operations Center (APOC) and other operational areas.

As a deliverable of the project, Finavia management was provided with a comprehensive network quality analysis and recommendations for improving the TETRA network coverage and quality.


Ilkka Hämäläinen“For us, the TETRA network is both mission critical and business critical. By collaborating with Omnitele we can ensure that the network quality meets the highest end-user requirements,” comments Ilkka Hämäläinen, Data and Telecommunications Team Leader at Finavia.

kim_molin round“The Finavia audit project is an extremely interesting case. We get to employ our TETRA network design competence to positively impact the lives of the millions of passengers traveling through the airport yearly,” says Kim Molin, Sales Director at Omnitele Ltd.

Further information


About Finavia Finavia Corporation is a service company that maintains a network of 25 airports in Finland and the air navigation system covering the entire country. Award winning Helsinki Airport (ICAO: EFHK) serves 16.4 million (2015) passengers – and about 90% of Finland’s international air traffic – being the largest airport in the country.

About Omnitele Omnitele Ltd., founded in 1988 to set up the first GSM network in the world, is a pioneer within the wireless industry with over two decades of leading edge network and business consulting experience worldwide. Omnitele’s strengths lie in the
experience received from 1.000+ projects conducted in 80+ countries. The expertise areas of the company include network strategy, design and quality assurance.