Mobile Data Speeds Benchmarked in Finland

Benchmarking Mobile Data Bitrates

DNA Finland contracted Omnitele to measure and compare the data rates offered by Finnish mobile service providers DNA, Elisa and Sonera in 10 biggest cities of Finland. The benchmark focused on the data rates available with each service provider’s highest tier data plans (highest data volumes, highest data rate) targeted to consumer segment. That is, mobile subscriptions publicly available in operators’ boutiques.

Measurements were conducted during February and March 2016 in the 10 biggest (by population) cities of Finland. The tests were conducted in drive testing fashion and the routes covered city centres, residential areas and main connecting roads.

Operators’ data speeds and ranking order varied on per location basis. The results however give a good overview of the operators’ average data speeds and competitive positioning in the measured areas.

Downlink Results

The highest average downlink data transfer speeds were measured with DNA (44 Mbps). Sonera (37 Mbps) and Elisa (35 Mbps) results were rather close to each other.

Considering the measured areas, DNA had the highest average downlink data rate in 8 (Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Tampere, Turku, Jyväskylä, Kuopio, Kouvola) of the measured 10 cities. Elisa was the fastest in 2 of the cities (Oulu, Lahti).


Uplink Results

In the uplink measurements, the highest average data rate was observed with DNA (27 Mbps). Sonera (22 Mbps) had the second highest result and Elisa (16 Mbps) third.

DNA’s average uplink data rate was the highest in 9 of the 10 measured cities, leaving Sonera with the highest data transfer speed in one city.

Technical Considerations

Operators’ data rate results had strong correlation with the observed 4G LTE network signal strength and quality. The seemingly high data rates can be mostly attributed to the service providers’ wide 4G LTE network deployments. All test devices operated mostly in 4G LTE: DNA 99%, Sonera 98% and Elisa 96% of the time.

Considering the most typical use cases such as web browsing and video streaming, the measured data rates enable excellent mobile service experience with all measured service providers. The results are exceptionally good, even considering the mobile industry in global sense.

Read the summary report in Finnish (PDF)

Further information:

Omnitele Ltd. (Oy Omnitele Ab) is an independent consultancy focusing on mobile network performance, quality and development. Omnitele is owned by telecom investors and mobile operators, DNA Oy among others and Elisa Oyj with a small share.