ITU Workshop on QoS and QoE of Multimedia Applications and Services

ITU Workshop on Quality of Service and Quality of Experience of Multimedia Applications and Services, Haarlem, The Netherlands, 9-11 May 2016

At the kind invitation of Anite and Omnitele, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) will convene a workshop on Quality of Service and Quality of Experience of Multimedia Applications and Services. The workshop will be held in conjunction with the 33rd meeting of the Quality of Service Development Group (QSDG), 12-13 Mary 2016.

The workshop is targeted for representatives of ITU Member States, national standards bodies, regulators, operators, vendors, service providers and academia.

Workshop Objectives

Objectives of the workshop include:

  • Introduce ITU-T Study Group 12 and its activities
  • Discuss quality of service (QoS) & quality of experience (QoE) of multimedia services
  • Exchange information on QoS & QoE in terms of standardisation, best practices, frameworks, regulatory and operational aspects, assessment of QoS parameters for different services, multimedia performance assessment methods;
  • Optimisation and Evaluation of Wireless Mobile Networks (Including 3G/WCDMA, LTE and LTE advanced)

VoLTE & Benchmarking

During the workshop, Omnitele will give presentations and facilitate discussion on two topics:

  1. VoLTE Particularities from Measurements to Analysis
  2. Benchmarking Mobile QoS: A novel approach of comparing the service providers’ QoS

Come and join us in Amsterdam!


»Official workshop web page
»Quality of Service Development Group
»ITU-T Study Group 12 (Performance, QoS, QoE)

Further information

About Omnitele

Omnitele Ltd., founded in 1988 to set up the first GSM network in the world, is a pioneer within the wireless industry with over two decades of leading edge network and business consulting experience worldwide. Omnitele’s strengths lie in the experience received from 1.000+ projects conducted in 96 countries. The expertise areas of the company include network strategy, design, monitoring and optimisation. For more information, visit

About ITU-T SG12, Quality of Service Development Group (QSDG)

In the ITU-T, Study Group 12 is the Lead SG on Performance and Quality of Service (QoS), a role that is increasingly important with the advent of commercial VoIP and packet-based next generation networks and terminals. With customers expecting the QoS of traditional communication services, it is crucial to be able to measure new parameters such as packet loss and jitter, and know their user impact. Thus, recent SG12 achievements include several new and revised standards on the planning and deployment of IP-based networks.