The Finnish Shared Network completed

Successful co-operation with Finnish Shared Network Ltd.

The construction of a shared mobile network of two Finnish mobile operators, DNA and Telia Company, has been completed. The network design service was launched in the end of the year 2014 with Finnish Shared Network Ltd and the construction started in the spring 2015. The operators offer High-speed Services for over 760 000 people in sparsely populated areas while managed by Finnish Shared Network Ltd.

The network covers 2G, 3G and LTE layers, offering consumers up to 450 Mbps through Category 9 Devices. In lesser populated areas, they can achieve speeds of 150 Mbps.

We are proud to see our customer successfully achieved their goal and that we have had the opportunity to be part of this unique project.

antti-jokinenAlthough we have now completed the construction phase, which covered half of Finland, the work will continue. We will maintain and develop the network even in the future. Omnitele demonstrated professionalism by setting the quality standards high from the beginning of the project and designed the most unique network yet in Finland,” says Antti Jokinen, CEO of Finnish Shared Network Ltd.