Mobile Services Customer Experience in the Netherlands


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Scope of Work

Omnitele has measured and analysed the customer experience of mobile voice and data services in the Netherlands. Measurements were conducted in February 2016. The investigated service providers were KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile and Tele2.


Omnitele has ample experience from benchmark campaigns and network quality audits globally. Omnitele’s methodology for investigating the customer experience of mobile services has been applied in other countries as well prior to the campaign in the Netherlands.

Project Principles

The benchmark was conducted with Omnitele’s internally standardised be-the-customer methodology. Instead of evaluating the technical network performance (data rate, signal strength), the analysis focuses on the usability of mobile services and smartphone applications. In this project the scope consisted of Mobile Voice, Web browsing, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube customer experience measurements.

  • Each network was measured in the very same locations simultaneously with identical measurement equipment.
  • Measurements have been executed where (location), when (time) and how (services, devices) real subscribers typically use mobile services


Based on the observed results, it is difficult to make a statement as to which mobile service provider delivers the absolutely best customer experience. The results indicate that the operator ranking differs from one application to the other. Certain trends are however recognisable.


Mobile voice results show that T-Mobile performs a bit better than the other three operators. All four operators had relatively high Call Success Rates (% of calls without call setup or call continuation problems): T-Mobile (99.7%), KPN (99.6%) and Tele2 (99.6%) scored equally well as the differences fall into the margin of error. Vodafone was somewhat behind the other three with 99.0%, which is still on par with good industry standards. T-Mobile advantage comes from faster call setup times.

(Call Setup Time chart updated on 12 March 2016)


Mobile data tests indicate that T-Mobile and KPN score equally well, and somewhat higher than Vodafone and Tele2 in customer experience of the investigated internet services. The observed differences between KPN and T-Mobile tend to be marginal. In numbers, T-Mobile scores higher in more test cases than KPN.

Looking at the average time-to-content values of KPN and T-Mobile, both operators are within 0.1 second window in Web browsing, Facebook and Twitter test cases. Only the YouTube test case shows a meaningful difference for a typical end-user. The results show that KPN (2.8s) is the fastest with half a second neck to T-Mobile (3.3s). Vodafone (3.4s) follows close leaving Tele2 (3.5s) with the fourth position in YouTube time-to-content ranking.


LTE Coverage was measured to be very good for all Dutch operators. KPN (99.8%), Vodafone (99.4%) and T-Mobile (99.2%) still have an advantage over Tele2 (98.7%).

LTE covrage chart netherlands


Rural area measurements conducted on N-Roads did not indicate notably different trends compared to the whole country average results. The coverage analysis showed that KPN and Vodafone 4G LTE sample coverage (measured as [number of data tests executed in 4G]/[number of all data tests]) did not decrease as much as T-Mobile and Tele2 when moving from cities to rural areas. This however did not have a major impact on the overall customer experience of mobile data services.

rural coverage deviation


International comparison of the results shows that the customer experience of mobile services in Netherlands is generally on a very good level. Especially KPN, Vodafone and T-Mobile have relatively high KPI values compared to any reference markets.


thick blue line


As the final verdict, Omnitele concludes that based on the observed results – and within the time and location context of the benchmark campaign – KPN and T-Mobile score slightly higher than Vodafone and Tele2. The difference between KPN and T-Mobile varies among test cases and is generally too narrow to conclude a clear winner. Vodafone is not far behind KPN and T-Mobile. Tele2’s Achilles heel is the mobile data customer experience, which is hindered by accessibility issues.

All in all, Omnitele sees that Dutch mobile subscribers are provided with mobile voice and data customer experience that is on par with or better than international industry averages.


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  1. Full Final Report with Annexes (pdf),
  2. Executive Summary and Conclusions (pdf),
  3. Official Press Release (pdf)

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