Super Fast Mobile Data and Wide LTE in Finland

DNA Ltd, one of the leading mobile service providers in Finland, contracted Omnitele to measure and compare the mobile data transfer speeds of Finnish mobile operators DNA, Elisa/Saunalahti and TeliaSonera. The purpose was to assess the consumer grade mobile data offerings of the service providers.

Measurements were conducted during January and February 2015 in the 10 biggest (population) cities of Finland in drive testing fashion. The tests were executed in customer-centric fashion to capture the end-user experience in varying radio conditions. Both city centre and residential areas were covered by tests.

The highest average downlink data transfer speeds were measured with DNA subscription, 46.6 Mbit/s. Elisa was the second with 41.0 Mbit/s and Sonera third with 34.3 Mbit/s.

Downlink Bitrate Finland 02-2015

Considering the most typical use cases such as WWW browsing and video streaming, the measured data rates enable excellent mobile service experience. The results are exceptionally good, even considering the mobile industry in global sense.

The high data rates can be mostly explained by the wide availability of 4G LTE service with all Finnish operators. LTE is no longer a niche technology with spotty coverage but a mainstream service in Finland. In DNA network 97.5% of the data download samples came from 4G LTE, with Elisa and TeliaSonera scoring 90.3% and 86.5% correspondingly.

Network Technology Distribution Finland 02-2015


Päivi Haapala“We conduct mobile data benchmarks frequently in Finland and abroad. The latest results show that Finnish mobile operators are well aligned with industry standards and set a tough challenge to the rest of the world”, comments Päivi Haapala, Principal Consultant from Omnitele.

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The official press release in PDF format can be downloaded here. Find the report summary with more detailed results (in Finnish) online here.


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