Stakeholders Forum on Quality of Service and Consumer Experience

Nairobi, Kenya, 23-25 November 2015 | At the kind invitation of the East African Communications Organisation (EACO) and the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organises a Stakeholders Forum on Quality of Service and Consumer Experience in association with the East African Communications Organisation (EACO).

The event brings together experts from around the world as well as policy makers, regulators, service providers, vendors and academicians in EACO member states.


The aim of the event was to create a forum for stakeholders in EACO member states to discuss the best practices on issues relating to quality of service and consumer experience. The Forum debated and validated policy documents on “QoS and Consumer Issues” that were adopted during the 21st EACO Congress in June, 2015 in Kampala Uganda.

Omnitele Presence

Omnitele has been actively contributing to ITU-T QSDG work during past years. In the upcoming QSDG meeting Omnitele gives a keynote speech on topic “Measuring of QoS of OTT Services”. Topics discussed:

  • What is quality of experience, quality of service and network performance
  • Mobile Operator’s QoE challenge: understand how network performance impacts QoS and QoE
  • Case studies on how to benchmark and optimise customer experience

Our presence in the meeting is covered by Mr. Esa Vesterinen (VP, Head of Strategic Sales & Marketing).​ More information about the event available at ITU web page.

About EACO

The EACO Stands for East African Communications Organization. It has been established to strengthen and promote cooperation in the development and provision of postal, telecommunications and broadcasting services in the East African Community. EACO is registered in accordance with laws of the host country (Rwanda) and its operations are governed by its Constitution.

About ITU-T SG12, Quality of Service Development Group (QSDG)

In the ITU-T, Study Group 12 is the Lead SG on Performance and Quality of Service (QoS), a role that is increasingly important with the advent of commercial VoIP and packet-based next generation networks and terminals. With customers expecting the QoS of traditional communication services, it is crucial to be able to measure new parameters such as packet loss and jitter, and know their user impact. Thus, recent SG12 achievements include several new and revised standards on the planning and deployment of IP-based networks.