MWC2015 – CoDriver™ Predictive Analytics

See behind corners with CoDriver™

Omnitele CoDriver™ is a full-stack analytics service with expertise and tools for turning the network and customer data into information and improvement actions:

  • Analyse: Market forecast based on customer and network data
  • Predict: Network quality, customer experience and revenues
  • Optimise: Value based network expansions and optimisation

New way for Network Design and Optimisation

We deliver predictive network expansion and optimisation recommendations for improving customer experience, reducing network cost and increasing revenues.

  • Investments optimised for revenue and ROI
  • Quality targets reached with minimum network cost
  • Sufficient time secured for optimisation actions

See CoDriver™ in action and meet the experts!

Find us in Hall 5 at 5M22MR. We present operator use cases in demo sessions daily (Mon – Wed) at 10:00 and 14:00. You can also request a private meeting. We are keen to discuss your topical items and explore collaboration possibilities.

-Omnitele Codrivers

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