Omnitele Benchmark – Fastest Data Speed in Finland

Benchmarking Mobile Data Bitrates

DNA Finland contracted Omnitele to measure and compare the bitrates offered by Finnish mobile service providers DNA, Elisa and Sonera. The benchmark focused on the data rates available with the highest tier (highest data volumes, highest data rate) data plans targeted to consumer segment. That is, subscriptions publicly available in operators’ boutiques.

Tests were executed in the 10 biggest cities (by population) of Finland during October and November 2015. The measurements were conducted in drive testing fashion and the routes covered city centres, residential areas and main connecting roads.

Operators’ data speeds and ranking order had some variance on per location basis. The results however still give a good overview of the operators’ average data speeds and competitive positioning in the measured areas.

Downlink Bitrates

Averaging over all measurement samples, the highest average downlink bitrate (46 Mbps) was reached with DNA subscription. Elisa (35 Mbps) and Sonera (35 Mbps) downlink bitrates were very close to each other.


DNA achieved the highest average bitrate in 9/10 of the measured cities. Elisa was fastest in one city.


Uplink Bitrates

In the uplink direction, DNA reached the fastest average (over whole measurement route) bitrate 26 Mbps. Sonera ranked second and Elisa third with 21 Mbps and 16 Mbps correspondingly. DNA’s average uplink data speeds were fastest in 9/10 of the measured cities. Sonera had fastest uplink in one city.

Technical Considerations

Operators’ bitrates had strong correlation with the observed 4G LTE network coverage and quality. The generally high average bitrates are mostly attributed to the wide availability of 4G LTE.

More thorough analysis made on the measurement results indicated that DNA has more 4G LTE capacity implemented in the measured areas compared to Elisa and Sonera. DNA subscription also utilised 4G LTE network somewhat more than Elisa and Sonera. The higher 4G LTE capacity and utilisation were the main factors impacting the measured bitrates in favour of DNA.

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