Mobile Voice and Data Experience in Latvia

Omnitele benchmarked the mobile subscriber voice and data customer experience in Latvia, May 2015. The tested mobile operators were Bite, LMT and Tele2.

On Mobile Voice and Data Customer Experience

The customer experience benchmark consisted of a country-wide drive test campaign and stationary hot-spot testing.  The drive tests focused on assessing data capacity and voice call service quality. The stationary tests involved testing of popular smartphone applications: WWW browsing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Dropbox.

application test cases

The presented results illustrate a snap-shot view of the perceived customer experience and network performance within the given time and location contexts.

Application Tests – LMT Strongest

Taking into account all tests in every measured location (1284 averaged samples in 214 locations), the results show that LMT performs the best in 59% of smartphone application tests. Bite and Tele2 follow with 22% and 19% respectively.

application tests all aggregated latvia

The competitive positioning of the operators remains rather similar throughout different applications.

application tests all latvia

Data Speed – LMT has advantage overall in Latvia, Bite in Riga

Overall in Latvia the downlink bitrate tests (network to user) suggest that both LMT and Bite offer good data speeds. LMT has an advantage over the other two operators with average bitrate of 26 Mbit/s.  Bite and Tele2 follow LMT with 22 and 11 Mbit/s respectively.

downlink and uplink bitrate latvia

The uplink bitrate tests also indicate good data speeds with the leading two operators. The competitive positioning follows the downlink results: LMT is the first with and average bitrate of 14 Mbit/s. Bite has the second highest value 10 Mbit/s, followed by Tele2 3 Mbit/s.

Interestingly, when focused only on Riga area, Bite has clear advantage over its competitors with 49.3 Mbit/s downlink and 31.2 Mbit/s uplink data speeds.

downlink and uplink bitrate riga

Mobile Voice – Bite and Tele2 Leading the Way

Voice service quality was tested in drive testing fashion with over 5300 test call attempts. The results indicate that mobile voice call service in Latvia complies with industry standards. Call Success Rate (% of calls that are successfully initiated and terminated without a drop) is rather high for all operators: Bite 99.2%; LMT 97.8% and Tele2 98.4%.

Omnitele also measured the voice call audio quality with industry standard POLQA Super Wideband algorithm. Voice Quality is reported in MOS (Mean Opinion Score) scale: 5-Excellent, 4-Good, 3-Fair, 2-Poor, 1-Bad. The results imply good voice quality for Tele2 (3.6) and Bite (3.5). LMT has a meaningful distance to its competitors with an average MOS of 2.7.

call success rate and mos latvia


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