Elisa, EMT, Tele2 Benchmarked in Estonia

Omnitele benchmarked the mobile subscriber voice and data customer experience in Estonia, March 2015. All three leading mobile service providers EMT (TeliaSonera), Elisa and Tele2 were tested.

On Mobile Voice and Data Customer Experience

The customer experience benchmark consisted of a country-wide drive test campaign and stationary hot-spot testing.  The drive tests focused on assessing data capacity and voice call service quality. The stationary tests involved testing of popular smartphone applications: WWW browsing, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Dropbox.

app test cases estonia

Fierce Competition in Application Performance, Elisa Strong

Taking into account all tests in every measured location (864 averaged samples in 144 locations), the measurement results show that Elisa is the best performing operator in 39% of smartphone application tests. EMT and Tele2 follow with 32% and 30% respectively.

all application tests estonia

High Data Speeds, EMT leading the way

The downlink throughput tests (network to user) suggest that all three operators have good network capacity. EMT outperforms the other two operators with 43.9 Mbit/s average bitrate. Elisa follows EMT with 24.3 Mbit/s. Tele2 is relatively close to Elisa with 20.3 Mbit/s on average.

estonia downlink bitrate

Read the whole report!

More details about application performance, data speeds and mobile voice service quality are available in the summary report. Download the report in PDF format here.

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