Announcing CoDriver™ Predictive Analytics

Connecting Investments to Revenues…

In mobile network business, the link between the investments and revenues is highly non-linear and complex to model. Investments improve network quality, quality attracts usage and usage drives revenues. Due to the complexity, mobile operators often lack true means to predict the true revenue impact of their investments.



Network optimisation is usually conducted in reactive mode, solving the problems when they emerge. The focus should be in optimising the network proactively for best customer experience and revenues.

Future proof capacity management requires visibility behind the next turns. While driving the business the mobile operator management – similarly to WRC drivers – should have a trusted codriver. Hence we designed one!

…with CoDriver™ Predictive Analytics

Omnitele CoDriver™ is a full-stack analytics framework for turning the network and customer data into information and improvement actions.

  1. Analyse: Market forecast based on customer and network data
  2. Predict: Network quality, customer experience and revenues
  3. Optimise: Value based network expansions and optimisation

CoDriver™ Analytics can be integrated to all relevant data sources, e.g. PM, CM, CDR, OSS, CRM. Based on the data correlation, we deliver predictive network expansion and optimisation recommendations for improving customer experience, reducing network cost and increasing revenues. Then we verify that the actions yield desired impact!

new approach for design

Accurate Market Forecasting

Each cell in a mobile network has a unique profile of customers, traffic, and terminals. This sets a distinctive link between technical solutions and business KPIs for every cell. These profiles are also in constant change. By combining the cell-specific history trends with market meta-trends, CoDriver™ Analytics brings market forecasting reliability to next level.

heatmap predictions

Predictable Quality and Revenues

Based on the market forecast, network bottlenecks are identified in predictive fashion. We quantify the bottlenecks’ impact on network performance, application QoS, and service usage. Finally these KPIs are linked to operator bottom line, revealing the sites with lost revenue due to congestion and the sites with best potential for revenue increase.

lost revenue gained revenue

Value Based Network Expansions

Predicting problems is the first step, but knowing how to remove them efficiently is of paramount importance. With CoDriver™ Analytics our clients can verify the revenue impact of network expansions. This ensures that only the most profitable capacity solutions are deployed in the network.

lte capex covered

New Approach for Design and Optimisation

CoDriver™ Analytics can be used for daily capacity management and optimisation, and for securing future proof investment and rollout strategies.

Download brochure: Omnitele CoDriver Predictive Analytics

If you would like to see some practical use cases, we suggest you have a look on our mini-blog series about CoDriver Insights. We know that the benefits of CoDriver™ cannot be fully captured by words, pictures or videos. That’s why we look forward to give you a live demo and setup a trial.

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