19th Annual Nordic & Baltic Telecoms CTO Forum

 21-22 September 2015 | Hilton Kalastajatorppa | Helsinki, Finland Competition and disruptive innovators emerging in the region threatens operators to lose the battle and become just a data pipeline that is expensive to run. Nordic & Baltic Telecoms CTO Forum gathers the technical and marketing executives of the region to discuss ways to overcome the challenges and secure profitable operator business, now and tomorrow..

Nordics & Baltic: Change Needed

During the previous years, operators in the region have been focusing mainly in LTE rollouts. Improved LTE coverage has naturally resulted in higher customer experience. LTE coverage is now starting to saturate but the traffic keeps on growing. As controlling the customer experience and network cost is vital, we see that a focus shift is needed: from rollout to QoS & capacity management. Now.

How to Change?

Key questions MNO executives need to ask themselves:

  1. How to define network quality targets in meaningful fashion?
  2. What should be the offered quality level, what’s good enough?
  3. What is the cost of the quality level and how to minimise it?
  4. Is my network design process ready for quality & cost oriented target setting?

Want to hear our solution?

During the event, we are to present our novel concept of empowering RAN design process with predictive network analytics. Our references show 25% – 35% CAPEX savings in RAN capacity upgrades and 10% – 30% OPEX savings in RAN design and construction management.

Moreover, we can give a fixed CAPEX promise to reach targeted network quality. No make-beliefs, meet us and we show you how it’s done.

design with analytics

Omnitele presence is covered by myself, Esa Vesterinen (VP Sales & Marketing) and Mr. Kim Molin (Head of Nordics, Sales & Marketing). Feel free to contact us before/during/after the event!