Mobile data customer experience benchmarked in Sweden

In January 2014 Telenor Sweden, Sweden’s third largest mobile operator, contracted Omnitele to benchmark mobile data customer experience. Project purpose was to measure and analyse the competitive quality positioning of two Swedish service providers: Telia and Telenor. In order to assess the mobile data customer experience, Omnitele conducted a vast field measurement campaign. Altogether 680 test locations in urban, rural and typical holiday areas were selected and tested by Omnitele. The measurements were executed with end-user centric methodology: testing times, locations, services, SIM cards and terminals used in the tests were selected based on typical Swedish mobile subscriber behaviour. Combined results show that Telenor scores higher than Telia in 73% of test locations.

From end-user perspective, there were no major differences between the benchmarked operators. In practice both operators have equally good networks for iPhone 5s WWW browsing and YouTube streaming. Omnitele concludes that both Telenor and Telia provide outstanding mobile data customer experience compared to any international references. The good results can mostly be attributed to both operators’ notably wide 4G (LTE) network availability.

“We are continuously seeking to improve the quality, coverage and customer satisfaction of our mobile services. We measure our own network frequently but this time we also wanted to challenge ourselves against the operator that many believe has the best network in Sweden. To get objective and indisputable results, we gave the assignment to an independent expert, Omnitele. The results make me proud of who we are and what we have achieved over the last couple of years. Our subscribers have very good service quality, and we will make sure it stays that way”, said Magnus Zetterberg, CTO of Telenor.

“Scandinavians probably have the world’s highest expectations for mobile services. High average bitrate is naturally desirable but no longer sufficient to guarantee smooth experience for all the different mobile services and applications. In fact, for the most popular use cases – WWW and YouTube – bitrate differences partly lose their relevance with LTE grade performance of 20Mbit/s and above. That’s why we wanted to measure something that truly defines the satisfaction or frustration level of end-users: waiting time to content and service accessibility. I come from Finland, where mobile networks are highly developed, but these results show that Swedish people are even more blessed with high quality mobile data. 4G in Sweden is no longer a niche service with spotty coverage but instead it’s widely available across the country. Swedish operators set an example to the whole mobile industry”, comments Mikko Valtonen, Business Development Manager from Omnitele.


Omnitele Customer Experience Benchmark – Sweden – 2014

Further information

Mikko Valtonen
Business Development Manager, Omnitele Ltd

Alexandra Carlsson
Press Officer, Telenor Sweden

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