Omnitele benchmark: Over 40 Mbit/s average in Finland

DNA Oy, one of the leading mobile service providers in Finland, contracted Omnitele to measure and compare the mobile data transfer speeds offered by DNA, Elisa/Saunalahti and TeliaSonera. The purpose was to assess the consumer grade mobile data offerings of the three operators.

Measurements were conducted during September and October 2014 in the ten biggest (population) cities of Finland in drive testing fashion.

The highest average downlink data transfer speeds were measured with DNA subscription, 49.7 Mbit/s. Elisa was the second with 42.9 Mbit/s and Sonera third with 36.4 Mbit/s. The original report summary (in Finnish) can be found in DNA website.

downlink transfer speed dna-elisa-sonera 10-2014

From end user perspective, considering most typical use cases such as WWW browsing, the measured data rates enable excellent mobile service experience. The results are exceptionally good, even considering the mobile market landscape in global sense. The average data rate over all operators and all measured areas was 43 Mbit/s.

Ville Laakso“At least in the biggest cities the mobile data rates are very good with all three operators. Finland is clearly among the most developed countries when it comes to quality of offered mobile data services. The experienced data speeds enable unrestricted connectivity and high quality of experience for the modern digital lifestyle,” comments Ville Laakso, VP Head of Production, Omnitele.

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